Google Officially Announce The Chromecast Ultra With 4K Support

Google Chromecast Home AH 9

Google’s October 4th event has come and with it has come a slew of notable hardware announcements. Among them is the Chromecast Ultra, which was rumored a couple of weeks ago to be part of the new hardware products that Google had planned to unveil today. While the regular Chromecast is still very much a capable device, the “Ultra” in the name of the Chromecast Ultra displays that the device provides something that is just a cut above what the standard Chromecast is able to offer to consumers, and that’s the ability to enjoy 4K content, or Ultra HD, hence the name Ultra.

Google’s new HDMI streaming device sets itself apart from the other available models, and while it does do everything the standard Chromecast does and more, it can be considered as a device which rounds out the range of Chromecast offerings, which includes the standard Chromecast, the Chromecast Audio, and now the Chromecast Ultra, allowing consumers to pick the device or devices that are best suited to their needs. While 4K content is largely the main selling point of the new Ultra model Chromecast, it isn’t a one trick pony, as it also supports HDR content which should help deliver richer, more vibrant color contrasts on screen and ultimately provide a better viewing experience when watching movies or TV.

The Chromecast Ultra also comes with a slightly updated design, featuring a little bit of a slant on the backside of the device, but beyond this it looks very much like the standard $35 unit, as it’s round and carries the same magnetic HDMI plug that can affix to the back of the dongle when not in use. It also comes in multiple colors just as the standard Chromecast, which includes Black. As expected those who are interested in grabbing the new Chromecast Ultra will be able to do so from Google online through the Google Store, along with devices such as the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the Daydream View VR headset, Google Home, and Google Wi-Fi products. As far as whether or not the new Chromecast Ultra is worth picking up in the first place, it’ll likely depend on whether or not consumers have the needed equipment, such as a 4K TV, that will allow them to actually view content in 4K. Then again, there’s also no harm in future proofing if consumers are also thinking about picking up a 4K TV in the future.