Google Now Shows Your Project Fi Data Use In Real Time

Google's Project Fi service is still nearly as limited as it was when it originally launched when it comes to supported devices, with the two newest supported phones being the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Despite the lack of more device support for the service, though, Google is making it easier for those who already subscribe to Project Fi (or will subscribe in the future) to keep an eye on exactly how much data they're using each and every month with the ability to track their data in real time.

If you're unfamiliar with how Project Fi works, it isn't too different from other wireless providers, as you can pick your monthly amount of data and your monthly bill cost will change accordingly. If you're on Project Fi's lowest option which is $30 a month that includes the $20 base cost as well as the minimum of 1GB of data, then you may end up cutting it close in terms of data use. With the new features baked into the app, you can go into your data use page and view the details of which apps are using data and they'll update as you use them, which should be really useful for those that prefer to always stay on top of how much data is being consumed.

In addition to keeping users informed of live data use updates within the Project Fi app, users can also now see a more granular view of what apps are actually using data with the list showing you how much each app is using individually. Once the app is open, you can simply scroll down to the section that shows you what your current monthly data amount is, and after tapping on the "view details" button a list should pop up that shows you every app that is currently using data. Google notes that the per app data use can also be seen after tapping the view details button from the recent statements as well, while the real time data use updates should be visible on the main screen once you open the app as well as in the data use Home screen widget. You will need to be on at least K.2.7.20 for these features to show up, but if you're on a Pixel or Pixel XL, you're already on the latest version of the app which is L.2.9.07. It's also possible that this could be a server side thing that Google enables, or the feature might just be slow at rolling out, as these features weren't showing up in our personal device. These new features should end up being pretty useful now that Google offers a Project Fi family setup which starts at $15 a month.

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