Google May Have Some Play Store UI Changes On The Way

It would seem that Google may have some UI changes on the way for the Play Store, as some different looking screens and visual tweaks can be seen on Google's latest Pixel video ad, which aims to give viewers a few tips and tricks on getting started with the brand new Pixel phone. The promotional video, which was initially discovered earlier this afternoon, shows the different Play Store visual design elements at around the one minute and 40 second mark of the video shown below, you can also see the screenshots in the gallery below.

Right off the bat, the first thing that should be noticeable is the different color of green that's being used on the main home screen page once the Play Store is first opened. As it stands currently, the Play Store's main page uses a lighter green for the bar that holds the Apps & Games, and Entertainment tabs, and the section that houses the search bar has a banner image behind it from a list of different apps and games that are cycled through in a carousel motion. In the new look, the bar with the Apps & Games and Entertainment tabs is a darker green that looks like it matches that of the green used in Hangouts, and it appears that this new green is the color that's to be used throughout the entire Play Store, and Google seems to have done away with the carousel style images for the area with the search bar.

The other thing that should be noticeable is the much larger install buttons for apps and games when you're on an individual content page. Compared to now where the install button is sort of compact and off the right side, the new buttons will span the entire width of the page and it looks like Google is changing up the look of the star rating and download number icons to a simple black text and icon color, instead of the more visual and colorful icons that are being used now. Beyond those changes it isn't immediately clear what else Google may be looking to tweak as they only show the Play Store in their promo video for a brief few seconds. There is also no indication of when Google plans to push these changes to the majority of  users. Alongside these changes that appear to be on the horizon, Google has made other improvements to the Play Store recently too, such as the zoomable screenshots which were added on October 12th.

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