Google Introduces Jamboard, A New 4K Digital Whiteboard


If you haven't got the memo yet, Google has become very serious about hardware this year. While the year is now starting to draw to a close, the last month or so has seen Google announce, introduce or make available a whole host of products that are designed with the 'made by Google' philosophy in mind. There are new smartphones in the form of the Pixel and the Pixel XL, there is a new router, a new Chromecast and a new connected home hub, dubbed Google Home. Another product that you can now add to the list is Google's Jamboard.

Unlike some of the other recently-announced Google hardware products, the Jamboard will not be for everyone. First off, this is a pricey bit of a kit as it will cost $6,000 to purchase. Secondly, this seems to be much more designed for the office and for enterprise in general than the average consumer. However, for your $6,000 you will be getting a 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard. One which is also connected and one which can make use of all of the Google suite (G Suite) of services. In fact, it even comes with support for Hangouts due to the inclusion of a HD webcam and speakers right there within the board.

All of the info you write on the board is synced up with the connected Google account and is therefore able to be further used at a later date and on other devices. So in many ways, this is very much like a very big Android tablet. Although, one which can be used for businesses to collaborate with and on with much more of a communal and group feel. If other teams are located elsewhere and also have their own Jamboard, then as you might be expect, the Jamboards can even communicate with each other. Those without their own Jamboard will still be able to make use of traditional tablets and smartphones to take part, due to the corresponding Jamboard apps that will also be available.


If this is sounding like something that is suited to your needs, then unfortunately, it is not quite ready to buy as of yet. While Google has now announced the Jamboard and confirmed its price, the announcement does detail that it will not be available to buy until sometime in 2017. Although, Google is opening up an 'Early Adopter Program' where select G Suite customers will be able to demo the Jamboard prior to its general release.

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