Google "In It For The Long Run" When It Comes To Hardware

Google Pixel XL Hands On AH 22

It’s no secret that Google has tried (and some might say ‘failed’) at a number of previous hardware attempts, from the likes of the Chromebook Pixel line to their attempts of competing with the iPhone with their Nexus line. The company has always had big goals but in some cases they weren’t capable of meeting them and their projects were either axed or redesigned from the ground up and rebranded in the process.

The latter, of course, refers to Google’s new Pixel lineup which replaces the outgoing Nexus line. Phones aren’t Google’s only offerings. Only today has the company announced a new router, speaker, a more powerful Chromecast and even a new VR headset, all of this will be sold alongside some of the company’s previous lineup. Now, as with any new piece of hardware, there is always the possibility that the product will fail, but Google’s SVP Rick Osterloh had promised the Google will not quit this time around, and will stick to their guns. In fact, Osterloh calls the new hardware offering “a natural step” and says that they’re “in it for the long run.” The fact that Google has had so many high-profile setbacks doesn’t help the situation, though, especially considering their turnaround of Motorola which was eventually sold to Lenovo. This time around, though, the company is serious about their hardware offerings, especially their mobile ones and the SVP says that people are “going to hear much more from out team in the coming months and years,” hinting at more upcoming devices in the near future.

It’s clear Osterloh is very optimistic about the internet giant’s future in the hardware market and is sure to be anticipating the market reception of their latest devices. As well as this, the hardware team is more than likely to already working on ways to improve on their current lineup and are possibly in the initial design stages of next year’s devices, though there is still a long wait before these will appear. Moving away from future products though, and it’s clear that Google is being very serious about their latest efforts, so only time will tell what new products are on the horizon and which current ones will be successful.