Google Gives Android Pay Fresh New Landing Page

If 2016 is going to be known for one new trend in the technology world, it'll be paying for things with our phones. Sure, Google Wallet gave us this slice of the future some time ago, but it was hardly well-received and not available throughout the world like Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are now. As such, we've now become accustomed to paying with our smartphones. Well, some of us have at least, as Android Pay still has a long way to go before it becomes the de facto mobile payment system. Google is trying their best to get the service into the hands of more people, and have been rolling out support for more and more banks over the past year or so. Now, they've given the service a fancy new landing page, too.

The new landing page is cleaner, and drives home the idea of using Android Pay as a two-step process, with a third-step being getting exactly what you wanted in the first place. The landing page now features an animation that changes with a Nexus 6P paying for all manner of things with a stark, single-color background and then the words "Tap.Pay.Fresh", with the third word being replaced with some sort of stark, abstract descriptor for whatever it is being purchases in the picture. These images might not appear all that revolutionary, but they do a much better job of getting across the point of Android Pay without having to explain things. The pictures feature common as well as exotic purchases, and the phone connects with a terminal and it's all done with, what more do we need for something so simple?

Landing pages might seem like a relic of the old web, but for a service like Android Pay, they still have a very important role to play. After all, the help pages of many a bank across the United States and further afield will no doubt be linking to this page to give their users up-to-date information about Android Pay itself. To that end, this new landing page gets the job done, and works well with other advertising for Android Pay. We have some pictures in the gallery below to look at.

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