Google Fiber Completes Acquisition Of Wireless ISP, Webpass

google fiber 2

Google Fiber is one of those services which is looking to offer consumers something they really want, faster internet speeds. As such, when Google Fiber expands to new areas, it does become fairly big news and especially for those living in those newly-created ‘Fiberhoods’. The issue is though, Google Fiber does not seem to be expanding widely enough or quickly enough for either consumer demand or for Google and Alphabet. This has led to some rumors developing that Fiber has taken a hit of late in terms of the number of actual people still working on the project. However, back in June of this year Google did announce that Google Fiber had picked up a new company, Webpass. An acquisition that Google has today confirmed has now been finalized, with Webpass now officially becoming part of the Google Fiber family.

Webpass is a company who has been operating for some time and like Google Fiber, looks to offer its customers speeds of up to 1Gbps and at an affordable price. However, also like Google Fiber, the expansion of Webpass has been somewhat limited with even now (after years of being in service) the blog post from Google noting that Webpass only serves “tens of thousands” of customers. Likewise, it seems those customers are limited to five major areas consisting of San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston and Miami.

That said, Google, Alphabet and Google FIber are hoping that the acquisition of Webpass will allow Google Fiber to serve far more people in the future. Not specifically due to the ‘tens of thousands’ of Webpass customers they have now effectively taken control of, but due to the point-to-point wireless technology that Webpass possesses and makes use of. Point-to-point wireless is especially useful in built-up areas where the technology is able to connect all of these closely populated customers together, quicker and easier. As a result and reiterating what Google has said before, they are hoping to make use of point-to-point wireless along with their own already-existing solution to offer a hybrid approach to satisfy those looking for faster internet services in the future. Those interested in reading more about this can read the full blog post on the completion of the Webpass acquisition by heading through the source link below.