Google Create New Design Tools For App Designers

Today, Google has just released a new set of tools for app designers that are meant to make product design "more productive," and Google's belief is that these new tools are better than what designers had to use before, which should lead to an end result of an overall better application. There appears to be four new design tools in total for people to work with that follow along Google's Material Design philosophy, although one of the new tools is not really a tool, but rather a centralized location for designers to access these new tools to put them to work.

This centralized location is called, and is just as was described. It's a website that Google has created which can feel like a one-stop shop of all the best new tools to help design great looking apps, with easy access to more details about each tool and how best to implement its various elements. Of course, to get all of the information if you're planning to use the tools, you'll have to request an invite to use it.

As for the actual tools, the first one that Google goes through is called Gallery, and is a place where designers can go to upload their work for collaboration with the rest of the team. Once their designs are uploaded, any colleagues who they've shared the design with can view their progress as well as comment on the design, and Google states that things are all managed securely so designers should feel safe and worry free about uploading. Another tool that Google has launched as part of the suite is called Stages, which will reportedly let those who create apps see how the movement inside of their app works at an earlier point than they would be able to normally. Google finds this to be important as movement inside of the app is part of the design process as they don't feel that design is just about looks. The last tool, called Remixer, is aimed at what sounds like editing of designs, as it will allow designers to take certain elements of a design and make adjustments from their mobile device if needed, although they can still make these tweaks and adjustments from a computer as well, as it will allow for making changes to not only Android app interfaces, but also the interfaces for iOS and web apps, and will include elements like color palette and the timing of animations. For those that are interested in checking these tools out, you'll need to sign up for the Material Early Access Program first.

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