Google Brings Chrome Canary Channel To Android

Google's Chrome browser is no doubt one of if not the most popular browser out there, and rightfully so as its reach is spanned across multiple platforms. In addition to reaching numerous amounts of consumers, they also have multiple different variations of Chrome with which they use to do testing of bleeding edge features which they may want to someday incorporate into the stable and public-ready version of Chrome. One of those variations is Chrome Canary, which is essentially the most early stage version of the browser, and now Google has brought this version of Chrome over to Android along with the already available Chrome stable, Chrome Beta, and Chrome Dev channel version of the app.

Chrome Canary is extremely experimental, and because of this it isn't recommended that the average user install the app, as things can often be broken or very buggy. Basically, they aren't meant to be ready for the public consumption as it doesn't put forth the best picture of what Chrome is and what it offers. Rather, it's meant to paint a picture of what Chrome can be, should the experimental features make it over to the stable channel after going through the Dev and Beta versions first.

Now that Canary is available to install on Android, those who are interested and are aware of the potential inconsistencies of how the app may work, can head to the Play Store to download the app, which will not only grant them access to new features, but also the latest bug fixes and other enhancements as Google routinely updates Chrome Canary with the very latest Chrome code, and although the app may be very unstable and sometimes not fail to work completely, Google does note that Chrome Canary is updated often, likely much more often than the regular version of Chrome which comes installed on most Android handsets these days. That said, if you're feeling adventurous and you like the idea of being able to use new features that aren't yet available, and don't mind the bugs, give Chrome Canary a shot and see if you might like it.

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