Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire Inside a Burger King

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS logo 1

In the past few days, numerous reports regarding new and purportedly “safe” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching on fire, have surfaced from all over the world. These reports are piling up and the latest one has taken place in South Korea, the home country of Samsung Electronics. This time round, someone has managed to capture a video of an alleged replacement Galaxy Note 7 unit emitting smoke in a Burger King outlet, located in Incheon city. The footage has since been uploaded to YouTube.

From the video which was uploaded on October 8, it can be seen that a Burger King staff is wearing thick gloves and trying to remove a smoking Galaxy Note 7 unit from a table. However, the staff drops the device on the ground but proceeds to pick it up and quickly walks away with the device in her palms, still spewing smoke. If you would like to view the video, it can viewed below after this post. This is allegedly the second incident to be reported in South Korea, the first one having taken place at Hanwha Eagles Park baseball stadium. Samsung is currently in the midst of carrying out its recall process of its Galaxy Note 7 flagship phablet in the country, with the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards mentioning that 85 percent of the affected phablets have been returned to Samsung and most have been replaced. However, the replacement process might have been in vain, if Samsung is forced to issue a second recall of its controversial smartphone.

In the US, at least three major carriers have officially suspended the sale of its Galaxy Note 7 devices, after multiple reports of replaced devices going up in flames, and even causing a man to be admitted to the hospital after he inhaled smoke which was emitted from his burning Galaxy Note 7. If you own a Galaxy Note 7 unit, be it is a recalled device, or a replacement unit, it is best to head to your point of purchase and request for a full refund, or replace your device with a different smartphone. All carriers will comply regardless of the purchase date of the device.