Future Google Hardware To Be More Deeply Software Integrated


Google's Pixel and Pixel XL are two very different phones to what else is currently available. While their general specs are in line with the current flagship smartphone standards for 2016, as is their general build and even their design, what makes the Pixel phones stand out from the rest is their level of integration between software and hardware. While some companies offer a level of integration, Google is hoping to offer a much deeper level thanks to the various Android tweaks like the Google Assistant which come built-into the Pixel Phones, as well as the rest of their newly-released 'made by Google' hardware products.

Which clearly seems to be a route Google is looking to continue with going forward. Yesterday, Alphabet released their financial results for Q3 and following that release, various Google execs were taking part in the obligatory earnings call. In spite of the likes of the Pixel phones not actually part of the Q3 earnings results, it seems the question of Google's hardware future was a popular topic. One which Google CEO, Sundar Pichai spoke briefly about. As you might expect, Pichai's comments did not actually reveal anything too substantial about the future of Google hardware, but Pichai did note that they believe there is "an opportunity for us to more deeply integrate software and hardware together". A deeper interaction which Google hopes will not only "deliver great experiences" but also "contribute to future innovation and development of the ecosystem".

Unfortunately though, how much deeper or what sort of benefits would be on offer with a deeper level of integration were not provided during the conversation. Although, Pichai did take the opportunity to further highlight that the current round of Google hardware does represent how the company can best "marry the best of hardware and software to deliver the best Google experience to people". Either way, while the comments are not that informative, they do clearly highlight that going forward Google will be looking to take the 'made by Google' philosophy and the software/hardware integration to further (and deeper) levels. Those interested, can read a full transcript of the investors call by heading through the source link below.

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