Funny Video Shows Google Creating The Pixel From An iPhone


There is little doubting that the Pixel and the Pixel XL have already been the cause of some controversy. In spite of the limited time they have been available, much has been made of Google's move away from Nexus to Pixel, the use of HTC as the unspoken manufacturer behind the Pixels, their exclusivity with certain features that now seem unlikely to make it to other Android devices (including Nexus), their premium pricing, and of course, their general design. Which some say looks far too much like HTC's smartphone design, with others saying they look far too much like the iPhone. Although some might even argue that there is little difference between the HTC design and the iPhone design to begin with.

Well, a new video from YouTuber PeripateticPandas is also likely to add to the debate. The video takes a humorous approach to highlighting how the Pixel may have come to be. According to the video, not only was the Pixel brought to market as a direct result of Apple and its iPhone, but the Pixel is actually largely an iPhone in disguise. Which as mentioned, will immediately draw on the criticisms of those who do feel the Pixel is too similar to the iPhone, in design. The video highlights this point by literally changing the cosmetic look of an iPhone to a Pixel phone in front of the viewer. Weirdly, there is even a shoutout to Nokia in the video with the random appearance of a Nokia dumbphone. Oh, and this creation of the Pixel from the ashes of an iPhone apparently all occurred on October 4 and thirty minutes prior to the start of Google's Pixel unveiling event.

Of course, this is only meant to be a light-hearted look at the Pixel and pick up on some of the criticisms raised of the Pixel design. So without the video causing too many arguments on whether the Pixel is an iPhone clone or not, the video is worth a watch if you want to see how you can creatively alter the look of an iPhone to look like a Pixel phone. At the very least, if you are not so keen on the iPhone in general, there are plenty of shots of the iPhone getting tortured during its transformation. You can check out the video of 'How Google created the Pixel' in full below.


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