Fitbit Charge 2 Update Should Fix Tracking Issues


When the Fitbit Charge 2 first came out, early reviews painted as a device able to nicely continue the pedigree of its namesake. With use over time, however, reports have been coming in that there are some issues. Namely, the fitness band's distance tracking functionality via connected GPS is a bit less accurate than it should be, leading to some discrepancies with tracking activities like running, walking, and bicycling. Another bug involves multi-sport tracking, rendering tracking for activities like treadmill use inaccurate. The two bugs were, fortunately, only issues with the Fitbit Charge 2's software. The issue does not seem to affect all units, but for the ones that do see it, the tracking discrepancy between the Fitbit Charge 2 and a reference device such as a smartphone, another fitness tracker, or a smartwatch can be quite broad. As such, the company has acknowledged the issue, and officially put out a software update that should fix things and get users' tracking back on track.

While some users may have experienced noticeable issues and some may have had what seemed to be a perfect time with their new fitness tracker, a spokesperson for Fitbit reached out to The Verge to personally own up to the two software bugs on behalf of the company, meaning that it's quite likely that all Fitbit Charge 2 models have the bugs in some capacity. The official recommendation, like with any software update direct from a manufacturer, is that all users take the update, whether they're currently experiencing issues or not. After all, some users did not begin to see and report bugs until the fitness tracker had been out for a few weeks.

According to Fitbit, the update should now be available for all. With this bug squashed, Fitbit can now continue their normal regimen of monitoring their products' accuracy and searching for bugs in-house, a process that normally happens throughout the promised update life of a given device. With a device like a fitness tracker, keeping the software in check and sensors accurate is extremely important, and it would appear that Fitbit is doing quite a good job staying on top of that particular facet of business.

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