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Google recently updated their Maps application on Android as of last Friday, bringing the app up to version 9.39 and not only adding a new feature but preparing it for an upcoming set of changes as well. While the new version of the app did seem to start appearing as of last Friday, it's likely that not all users will be on this new version of the app just yet. Having said that, you can grab the latest version of Google Maps from the button down below if you don't want to wait for the app to update on its own.

As for what's new, if you've already received the update or are installing the APK onto your device as you read this, Google has added in a new traffic widget which allows users to jump to the screen in Maps which serves up current traffic conditions for the route their traveling. If this sounds familiar, it's because Google introduced the feature that alerts users to nearby traffic conditions through the use of a notification that pops up in the status bar. While this was a nice addition indeed, the new traffic widget serves as a way for people to jump into this screen at their leisure which gives them control over when they view this particular information, and it serves as a quicker means of getting there as well as they don't have to wait for the notification to pop up.

Beyond the new traffic widget which can be accessed from the widgets screen as well as by tapping a suggested card that gives you the option to add the widget/shortcut to your home screen if you're already in the notification, Google Maps looks to be setting the stage for an addition of live information updates for busy hours of operation for businesses. While this isn't going to matter to every user, if you frequently look at this particular Maps info, live updates will be useful for those situations where the busy times change due to specific things that may be happening on any given day. While the busy hours that are listed now are on average pretty accurate, they don't take into account the times that a business may be busier than it usually is at a given time if there is something like an event happening in the nearby area. This particular feature is not yet live in Maps, but strings of data in the APK for the feature suggest its coming in a near future update.

Download Google Maps v9.39 Universal APK (no dpi)

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