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Google Maps is certainly one of the most useful apps from the Google stable. If you are not someone who actively uses the navigational features of Maps when out and about and getting from A to B, then there are still a ton of features included in the app that are worth checking out. If you need to know where somewhere is, what restaurants or coffee shops are nearby, or just what a place far, far, away looks like, Google Maps is happy to oblige. In fact the micro-features that are on offer are in abundance and as such, it is sometimes difficult to keep up what is new with Maps due to the sheer number of regular updates the app receivesĀ in any given year.

Speaking of which, the Beta version is now in the process of receiving its next update and while the new feature is not anything too breathtaking, it is an example of the small changes that routinely occur with Maps and which do inevitably lead to much bigger changes in the long term. For instance, last month saw an update arriving which added new tabs to the beta version of Google Maps. One of those new tabs was listed as "From Menu" and included images of items that you might find at a place. So for instance, heading to the Maps listing for your local restaurant, bistro or bakery and then hitting the From Menu tab would showcase some of the pictured choices that are on offer at the location. Today's update adds another new image-based tab to location listings and this one is entitled "By Owner". As the name suggests, this tab includes images of a place of business that have been submitted by the owner. Now, how useful these will be is likely to be a matter of debate – as they are likely to be more promotional than anything else. However, it is a good way for business owners to engage with prospective customers and even if the images are a little on the biased side, they will at least provide the business owner with a way to highlight (in image form) the best attributes of their business.

As this is a beta update, this is not one which will be rolling out to standard Google Maps users organically. To be able to receive beta updates, you must be signed up for the Google Maps beta in the first place. If you are already signed up then you should start to see the update making its way to your device in due course. Although, in either case you can download the updated beta Google Maps APK from the link below.

Download Google Maps Beta v9.40

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