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The Pokemon GO hype has died down a bit in recent weeks but Niantic Labs' mobile creation is still boasting millions of players and earning a hefty chunk of money on a daily basis. One of the biggest complaints players recently had about the popular augmented reality game was related to the gradually increasing difficulty of catching rare Pokemon. Namely, a significant portion of the user base would tenaciously play the game for a certain period of time and then get stuck because it was unable to catch any more new Pokemon. While adding more pocket monsters to the game would indirectly fix that issue, Niantic opted for a different approach.

More specifically, the San Francisco-based developer has just announced a new mechanic which will increase capture rates for rare Pokemon in accordance to the amount of pocket monsters of the same type you've caught. In other words, capturing Abra 50 times will increase your chances of encountering Alakazam, catch Electabuzz 20 times and you'll be more likely to encounter a Raichu, etc. The capture bonus will be directly related to player medals awarded for catching specific amounts of certain types of Pokemon. That's right, the medals, i.e. achievements will finally start affecting gameplay. With dual-type Pokemon, their capture bonus will be the average of your bonuses for each type. Let's imagine an impossible scenario in which you're looking for a Pidgey that's both Normal and Flying type. If your Normal bonus is 50% and your Flying bonus is 10%, you'll have a 30% better chance to encounter Pidgey. Of course, Pidgey is a common creature so it won't actually be affected by these bonuses but something like Snorlax will.

This mechanic was primarily designed for trainers who are stuck in a certain tier as they'll be able to grind their way to the new tier of Pokemon. Granted, it still doesn't solve the issue of specific types of Pokemon being completely unavailable in certain areas as not being able to find a Charmander or a Growlithe definitely won't help you to locate a Charizard and you'll have to rely on catching eggs. Still, it's an improvement over the current mechanics. The capture bonuses are expected to roll out with the next Pokemon GO update that's slated for release later this month.

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