Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge Becomes Available November 5


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was always expected to be a headline-grabbing smartphone. However, it seems unlikely anyone could have predicted the headlines that did emerge from the Galaxy Note 7 post-release – including two recalls and the finality of it being pulled from the market altogether. This was probably more surprising to Samsung than anyone else as Samsung would certainly have been banking on some fairly significant sales of the Galaxy Note 7 to shoulder the second half of the year.

Either way, with the Galaxy Note 7 now history, it does seem as though Samsung is looking backwards to look forward and are now counting on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to continue to prove a popular option for late-2016 buyers. A few weeks ago it became clear that one route Samsung was looking at to boost new Galaxy S7 purchases was introducing a new color, Blue Coral. This was a color which debuted with the Galaxy Note 7 and proved to be a popular option prior to the recalls. So it makes sense that Samsung will see the introduction of this color for the Galaxy S7 as a means to sell a few more devices.

However, at the time there was limited information on the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 and/or S7 Edge and the only details that had come through was a leaked image of the color which seemed to at the very least, be confirming that Verizon would be stocking Blue Coral Galaxy S7s. Now however, Samsung Singapore has not only announced the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge, but also confirmed that it will become available on November 5.


The caveats though, is that this announcement currently only relates to Singapore. Whether that means it will be made available in other regions on the same date remains to be seen. Likewise, the announcement only details that the Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in this color – with no mention of the actual standard Galaxy S7. So this could be a limited-edition color which is reserved for just the Galaxy S7 Edge. Either way, with the previous image largely confirming that Verizon will be getting the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge, it does seem clear that it will be available in the US. The only questions that remain are whether it will be available on November 5 (along with Singapore) and whether the Galaxy S7 will also be available in Blue Coral.

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