AT&T's DIRECTV Now Service To Cost $35 Per Month


AT&T has been in the news quite a lot over the last few days and for good reason. Most of the news on AT&T stems from the central point that the US carrier has announced that they are in the process of acquiring Time Warner. On the face of it, this is one of those mergers which is very big news in the general 'business acquiring business' landscape.

However, due to the current understanding that carriers are looking towards media consumption as a way to fuel slowing sales and a stagnant market, the news that a carrier has purchased a very large media provider, is very big news. And now we are starting to see just as to why. Following the purchase news and on the back of reports that AT&T is planning to launch a new TV service next month, AT&T has now provided some firm pricing details on that new service.

As per previous reports, the service is currently being dubbed DIRECTV Now and according to comments made today by AT&T's Randall Stephenson, subscription to the service will cost $35 per month. As to be expected, there will be a number of Time Warner-associated channels including in that subscription, although specifics on which channels have not been disclosed. According to the details DIRECTV Now will include more than 100 different channels and will also allow streaming directly from mobile devices as part of the subscription cost.


This in itself will be quite a compelling option for those who are looking towards cutting their cable subscriptions, as while $35 is an additional monthly 'cost', it is far less than what some cable subscriptions cost. Of course, whether or not the DIRECTV Now service will be 'value for money' will likely be determined by which Time Warner channels are included. For instance, Time Warner owns HBO and that sort of inclusion in the monthly subscription would certainly offset much of the $35 cost – considering how much a standalone HBO Now subscription currently costs. Unfortunately, the details made public today did not include any firm details on when the service will properly launch. Although, it is expected to become available before the end of November and likely towards the end of the month.

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