UPDATED: AT&T Confirms It Will Stop Selling Samsung's Galaxy Note 7

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Following a rumor last week that AT&T may be considering halting all further sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 flagship, today the company has confirmed that it will stop selling the device going forward. AT&T’s decision to stop sales of what had started as one of Samsung’s most successful smartphones didn’t come lightly, but the US’ second-largest wireless carrier is not taking any risks with the safety of its customers as numerous reports have rolled in over the last week of more Galaxy Note 7 devices either smoking or catching fire. These new reports are all said to be from replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones that were supposed to be safe, following an initial recall of the device due to issues with the batteries overheating.

While AT&T’s decision to stop selling the phone may or may not have a massive impact on Samsung’s bottom line when it comes to Galaxy Note 7 sales as a whole, it’s the potential that other carrier could choose to follow in AT&T’s footsteps that could be more detrimental to the overall number of devices Samsung would expect to move from its second popular flagship series device. In addition to no longer selling the Galaxy Note 7, AT&T is also halting exchanges, meaning subscribers who wish to get a replacement unit would have to go with a different phone. It’s unclear if AT&T will stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 permanently, as the company reportedly states that they are no longer exchanging devices “at this time,” which leaves open the possibility that they could pick the device back up in the future. Even though they aren’t exchanging Galaxy Note 7 devices at this time, they still recommend that customers who own one of the phones to bring it back in.

Right now there are no other reports of additional carriers putting a stop on their Galaxy Note 7 sales and exchanges, but it’s reported that Verizon currently has none in stock to sell anyway, which puts subscribers of the number one carrier in the US out of luck if they were hoping to get another replacement. Multiple reports of people’s Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire, and at least one report of a man being sent to the hospital due to the smoke inhalation caused by the fire that was started by his Galaxy Note 7 could potentially lead to a second-recall of the phone, although it’s not known at this time if Samsung will take this particular action.



According to Android Police, T-Mobile is also now in the process of putting a stop on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following AT&T’s lead. It’s worth noting that while this is certainly highly likely given the nature of things, it has yet to be confirmed by T-Mobile, so this is still a rumor at this time.