Arrow Launcher Beta Includes Google Search Support


The ability to thoroughly customize Android is one of the key factors that separates it from other mobile operating systems. Nearly every aspect of an Android device can be changed, including custom icon sets, third-party keyboards, and application launchers. There are many great launchers available on the Google Play Store, including Google's own Google Now Launcher, but one of the most interesting options surprisingly comes from one of Google's biggest competitors, Microsoft. Arrow Launcher is an attractive and intuitive launcher with many features intended to provide efficiency and ease of use, such as support for 13 languages, battery conservation, visually stunning wallpapers that are updated on a daily basis and Microsoft Office integration. Now, a beta update to the app brings a new way to search, making the app even more useful.

Although Microsoft and Google are rivals when it comes to operating systems, Microsoft appears to be playing nicely with Google by allowing users to search with Google rather than forcing users to search with their own Bing. This makes sense, because Google is the world's most popular search engine, and if a lack of Google support would deter potential users from installing the app.  Arrow Launcher will likely gain users by adding support for their favorite search engines. Aside from the inclusion of Google search capabilities, the update includes primarily performance upgrades, so the app should feel more fluid and responsive after installing the latest version.

In order to take advantage of the features included in the updated version of the app, you'll need to have the latest beta version, which can be obtained after joining the beta community from the "Source" link below. As with any software that is considered a beta release, this update may not be entirely ready for the general public, and users may notice a few issues from time to time. If you'd rather go with a more stable release, or if you prefer not to wait until you have been accepted into the Arrow Launcher Google Plus community, you may follow the link below to install the latest public release available in the Google Play Store.


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