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It might feel like some time ago now that we took a look at the Ottm wooden watch straps for Android Wear and other smartwatches, which were then asking for pledges on IndieGoGo. Now, the watches are available on Amazon, and all orders have been fulfilled for backers now, too. The idea behind the Ottm range of wooden straps was to offer a touch of the natural to go with our cold, sterile electronics we now strap to our wrists. Made from genuine hardwood, these straps are essentially a metal link design, but substitute the metal for wood, and you get the idea. Available on Amazon, starting from $39.99, the Ottm series of straps give users a number of options to make their watch stand out from the rest – smartwatch or otherwise.

Available in Zebrawood, Sandalwood and Maple the Ottm straps are designed for 22mm watches, which counts the majority of the standard size Android Wear watches out there, such as the Moto 360, the LG G Watch R and Watch Urbane, the Fossil Q Founder, and a number of other watches. They even come with a quick release watch pin that allows you to quickly swap it out for another strap. This makes installing one of these straps really easy on a lot of the more recent Android Wear devices, as they all come with quick release pins on their standard straps. The creators behind Ottm wanted to make sure that they used only the finest materials they could, which means that the Maple is from Canada, the Sandalwood is from Indonesia and the Zebrawood is Gabonese. Everything is sanded to a fine and smooth finish to ensure that there's no snagging or catching on your wrist and the majority of people will find these comfortable if they enjoy a metal strap, but don't want something as cold in the mornings or as tight in the summer.

Using a natural material like wood means that the strap will age with the wearer, and while that might be a turn off, users should remember that these won't age and tear like leather will, as wood is a harder material, which means that you might not ever need to replace an Ottm watch strap. For those looking to purchase one, they can do so from Amazon – with Prime – from the button below.

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