Android TV: Four New TV Sets & The Nexus Player Back In Stock


It has been a pretty busy month for Android TV so far. Which based on previous months is actually saying something. At the start of October, Xiaomi released the Mi Box which added to the number of box-type Android TV devices that are available and now this week saw LeEco hold an event in San Francisco where they unveiled four new Android TV-powered TV Sets.

In reality, three of those sets are essentially the same set as they collectively form the LeEco Super4 X-series of TVs. Probably as to be expected, the main difference is that the three X sets differ in size. On offer is a 43-inch model, a 55-inch model and a 65-inch model. Although there are some additional differences too. For instance, the 43-inch model is a little more limited in terms of its internal storage level, as is some of its additionally included features. However, with the 43-inch model starting from $649, the addition of three relatively affordable Android TV sets can only be a good thing.

Then there is the fourth option announced by LeEco and in all respects, the LeEco uMax85 blows much of the competition away. While many consumers in the US are unlikely to be personally familiar with LeEco's TV offerings, if you are looking for a complete experience and at a relatively good price ($5,000) then this could be the one to go for. As well as being an Android TV-powered TV, this is also a massive 85-inch TV set. Throw in 4K support, HDR support, Dolby Vision support and a load more 'supports' and this is now looking like one of the best all-in-one Android TV experiences on the market. Although as noted, you are paying for that experience as this one is priced at $5,000. Which although is a good price for what it offers, it is not exactly affordable to all. However, for those that are interested in this one, LeEco is running a special launch promotion where you can save an addition $1,000 when buying during the initial flash sale which takes place in a couple of weeks. So the overall price for those early buyers will only be $4,000.


On a slightly strange note, it also seems as though the Nexus Player might actually be back in stock. This is an Android TV box which is technically discontinued and so how long it will remain in stock is another story altogether. However, the ASUS store does currently seem to have the Nexus Player in stock and priced at only $69.99 – which is less than (when it was available) its normal retail cost of $99.99. Coincidentally, the exact same price as the newly-released Xiaomi Mi Box.

Buy the Nexus Player

So it does seem that this month has been a fairly good month for Android TV options. With four new TV sets just announced and the arrival of a new box (and the option to once again buy the Nexus Player) if you are in the market for a new Android TV device, you do have a few more choices than you had this time last month.

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