24K Gold Turing Phones Start Shipping In Taiwan


The world's very first phone made of Liquidmorphium, the hyper-secure Turing Phone, went on preorder some time ago, and it seems that preorders are beginning to ship out now. The particular model that seems to have begun shipping out to pre-order holders is the 24 karat gold model, which features the standard model's Liquidmorphium body, said to be stronger than steel, along with an external plate of 24 karat gold. Luckily for other eager preorder buyers and the tech community at large, the person in Taiwan who received their very own Turing Phone was kind enough to take a large set of photos and post them up for all to see.

The extravagant and very unique-looking device sports all kinds of futuristic-looking accents, a large power button on the side reminiscent of Sony Xperia devices, and sharp corners. The back of the phone shows off the gold plate as the centerpiece, and is decorated in gold, red, and blue accents to give a very regal vibe. A magnetic charging port is present, and from the side, the angular design gives the phone a bit of a curve in the hand. If there was ever the slightest doubt that this is a hyper-premium device, it's safe to say that these photos put that doubt nicely to rest.

On the specs side of things, the user confirmed that the device does sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor paired up with 32GB of RAM. The marked improvement from the originally planned Snapdragon 801 chipset came as a nice surprise for those who laid down their large sums of cash early in the game and expected a device that was super-secure, but only on par with 2014 flagships in power. The MicroSD slot seen with the SIM slot in the photos supplements storage options of either 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB. A 5.5 -inch 1920 x 1080 panel on the front of the device does a fine job of balancing image quality and battery life, and makes the device just good enough for VR use. It's plain to see that the device runs Sailfish OS 2.0, but a heavily modified version for security. The Turing Phone uses end-to-end encryption and authentication algorithms to protect against almost any sort of malicious outside attack; short of gaining physical access to a Turing Phone, it's pretty safe to say that would-be hackers are mostly left out in the cold.


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