YouTube Announces New Community Mod Program Called 'Heroes'

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Google, and by extension YouTube, is all about improving their services consistently and often, and YouTube’s latest effort in this particular regard is a new program called YouTube Heroes which is aimed at getting volunteers to contribute their time to help moderate the YouTube website, from flagging videos and comments to responding to other users. The cool thing is that the program isn’t just open to YouTube Creators, but anyone that uses YouTube and wants to help make YouTube a better place for everyone. Naturally, YouTube is rewarding those who do help out with a points system that can lead to unlocking stuff like new features to test out before YouTube pushes these changes to the public.

While testing new features in YouTube early likely sounds tempting, it’s not something which comes right away as users will need to work their way up through the different levels of the Heroes program, of which there are 5, to get to all of the available perks that YouTube Heroes will be offered. Level 5, of course, is when users have reached the point where they’ll get the opportunity to test new features before release, and there will also be an opportunity to apply for something known as the Heroes Summit, which sounds like a gathering or event where other YouTube Heroes that have reached level 5 will meet.

As stated above anyone can apply to become a YouTube Hero if they’re interested, so long as they’re willing to participate in the program and be a part of the community. When you start off as a Hero you’ll need to earn points, which you can do so by completing tasks such as adding captions to videos, adding in subtitles if needed, and report any negative content that you notice. Once users have gained enough points, they’ll be transitioned into the role of a Level 1 Hero where they can access the Heroes Dashboard and get involved with the community. For anyone who enjoys YouTube and wants it to be a more enjoyable platform, and has a little extra time on their hands, signing up to be a YouTube Hero just might be the way to help contribute. This new program follows the release of YouTube Community, a new feature for channel owners on the platform.