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Xiaomi has been ever expanding its product lines lately, moving into a more diversified market rather than just relying on smartphone sales to fund their growth as a company. Xiaomi's new sub-brand, AmazFit, is set to specialize in fitness trackers and smartwatches the way that the XiaoYi sub-brand did so many years ago before it spun off into its own company. AmazFit's first product to market is a fairly simple fitness tracker with one big twist: it doesn't look anything like you would expect a fitness tracker to look like. Instead the AmazFit fitness tracker looks like a stunning piece of jewelry, and one that goes with just about any outfit or look.

Our particular unit is the AmazFit Equator, a combination of the AmazFit pendant itself as well as a rubber band that straps around your hand for every day wear. This strap is flexible yet strong, held in place by a dual clasp system and made of hypoallergenic materials so that it doesn't irritate your skin throughout the day. This band is just one of about half a dozen different kinds of bands, and there's even the ability to wear the AmazFit as a necklace too. AmazFit's donut-shaped design lends itself to fit in quite a few different types of other bracelets or necklaces too, and makes the AmazFit's design incredibly versatile.

This ceramic pendant resembles a traditional Chinese jade pendant, and while it appears perfectly symmetrical at first, a closer inspection will reveal a thin line running around the edge, creating a top and bottom. Components are stacked inside this ring, with the wireless charging components sitting at the bottom layer. The tracker ships with a small wireless charger that the pendant drops into and charges fully within just a few minutes, and lasts all week long without having to even think about it. In our review we go over the construction of the AmazFit, how well wireless charging works and what kind of stats the AmazFit actually stores throughout the day and night. Is Xiaomi's latest sub-brand the beginnings of a great new family of devices? Find out in our video review below!


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