US Replacement Galaxy Note 7s To Be Available By Sep 21

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 09 1

While the last few weeks has been filled with Galaxy Note 7 battery issue news, today the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became a device that is officially recalled in the US. Of course, the Galaxy Note 7 had already been on a sort of hiatus as Samsung had suspended sales of the device, but that suspension has now changed from a device which consumers are asked to return, to a device that is the subject of an official recall in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). A recall which further revealed that as many as 92 incidents have now been reported in the US. This was further explained as 26 reports of incidents involving burns and 55 reports of incidents which incurred damage to property.

Along with the actual announcement of the recall, Samsung also released a posting on its official site explaining in much more detail how current owners of the Galaxy Note 7 can go about returning their device and obtaining a replacement. As part of that separate posting, one of the snippets of information which has now become clear is when those who do return their Galaxy Note 7, can expect to get a new one.

The firm date in the US being given is September 21. Although that is less than a week away, Samsung does seem committed to getting fresh Galaxy Note 7 smartphones back in the hands of those who had already purchased the device. As Samsung states, “new Note7s will be available at your carrier and retail outlets no later than September 21, 2016.” The ‘no later’ bit does certainly imply that owners may be able to get one even before that date, although the wording does make it clear that owners will not have to wait any later than September 21 to get their hands on a replacement Galaxy Note 7, providing they are part of the official recall program of course. If you have yet to return your Galaxy Note 7, then you can find out more information here or head over to Samsung’s website or contact them directly on 1-844-365-6197. With only a few days until the new ones are set to become available, now really is the time to register for your replacement Galaxy Note 7.