Top 5: Ways the LG V20 Could Have Been A Perfect Smartphone

LG V20 AH NS 5

LG just took the wraps off of its new LG V20 smartphone. This is their larger flagship smartphone, and the successor to the LG V10 that was announced last fall. Basically what LG did with the V20 was take all of the good from the V10 and the G5 and wrap it into one large 5.7-inch smartphone. The LG V20 already checks a lot of boxes, but there are a few ways that it could have been an even better smartphone. Here are the top 5 ways LG could have made it even more amazing.

Even Larger Removable Battery

Having a 3200mAh battery inside the LG V20 is definitely a good thing. It’s slightly larger than the V10’s 3000mAh battery, and should last a bit longer. But LG could have definitely added in a larger battery into the LG V20. A 3500mAh battery would have likely fit inside, even if it needed to be a bit thicker, that’s not an issue for most people. Seeing as most people are wanting a thicker device anyways.


Front-Facing Speakers

The LG V20 is all about audio. It’s featuring quad DACs, but unfortunately, it sports just one speaker located at the bottom of the device. Not a great compliment to the audio quality that the company is touting with this smartphone. Adding a front-facing speaker, or even dual front-facing speakers, would be a great addition here.

Water Resistance


It’s a feature that is becoming a pretty popular thing as of late. The Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 family are all water-resistant, and the upcoming iPhone 7 is slated to be water-resistant as well. But the LG V20, sadly, is not. Now it’s not something you absolutely need. But it is nice to be able to not worry about your phone getting wet, or being dropped in a sink, or worse.

LG G5 Modules

When LG announced the LG G5 earlier this year, they also announced their modules, or “Friends” as the company called them. However, they are nowhere to be seen with the LG V20, in fact they won’t even work with the device since the bottom is not removable. Even though LG said they would work with future smartphones. Looks like they changed their mind on that one.


Snapdragon 821

While it’s not really a big change over the Snapdragon 820, it does look nicer on the spec sheet. Especially considering just about every aspect of the LG V20 looks the same as the LG G5 when looking at specifications. They would also be able to claim that their smartphone is the first to feature the Snapdragon 821, and wouldn’t that be something to brag about?