Top 5: Best Cases for the ZTE AXON 7


The ZTE AXON 7 is one of the best smartphones that you can buy, under $400. It’s a beautifully designed aluminum smartphone. But you’re going to want to slap a case on it. Why? Because it is aluminum, which means that the device is going to be slippery. And the last thing you’ll want is for that smartphone to slip out of your hands and end up on the ground.

CoverON ClearGuard Series



As you can likely tell by the name of this case, it is a clear case for the ZTE AXON 7. It does have colored sides, which makes the case look pretty nice, but with it being clear, you can still show off the beauty of that ZTE AXON 7 that you’re carrying around. It’s a great case to pick up because it covers all angles of the phone, so that if it does slip out of your hand, you’ll likely be okay.

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J&D Shock Resistant Protective Slim Case



This case from J&D is another great one to pick up for your smartphone. It comes in black, blue, red and purple, and while it may look the best, it does do its job, which is to protect your smartphone. It can take the shock of hitting the ground, and it also protects the front of the device. So that the display doesn’t get damaged.

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IVSO Soft TPU Case



Here’s another great TPU case for the ZTE AXON 7. This is a soft TPU case which means it won’t scratch up the backside of the ZTE AXON 7 while it’s inside the case, but it will still protect it from drops and such. This one is also available in a slew of colors including black, white, blue and even pink.

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MicroP Dual Layer Armor


This case from MicroP is another great one, but it’s more geared for those that may drop their smartphones often. This is a more rugged case, and will definitely provide more protection than most of the other cases available on this list. There is a built-in kickstand, allowing you to stand the ZTE AXON 7 in landscape mode to watch video and such.


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CoverON HexaGuard Series



This is another case that’s a bit more rugged, and therefore thicker than a number of the other cases on this list. This means that the ZTE AXON 7 is going to be bulkier with this on it, than it would be normally. So keep that in mind. But it will survive a few drops, and will definitely protect the camera on the backside of the smartphone.

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