Top 10: Best PlayStation Apps For Android – September 2016

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If you’re a longtime Sony PlayStation fan, then you know there’s no other place to play your favorite games from fast-paced action-packed first person shooters to the in-depth and story-rich RPGs. No matter what your favorite genre of game, you’ll be able to find it on PlayStation. With that said, there are loads of apps on Android to help enhance the PlayStation experience, and we’ve rounded up 10 must have apps to take your PlayStation experience to the next level.

PPSSPP – PSP Emulatorppsspp

Kicking things off is the PSP emulator, and why not as the PSP was a great little handheld device with some awesome games. If you don’t have your PSP on-hand or if you simply just don’t have one anymore, but would still like to the play the games that were launched on the platform, you can do so with this wonderful app.



Not everyone is going to play Destiny, but if you do then you definitely need the companion app that was designed for it. It lets you stay up to date on the latest Destiny news, check out your Guardian’s player stats, and communicate with your friends who also play Destiny.

Account Manageraccount-manager


Not exactly a PlayStation app, but if you have multiple Sony PlayStation apps installed that require a Sony Entertainment Network login, this app is extremely useful as it lets you share a single account across the apps on a device. The benefit of this is being able to sign-in to any app with your SEN account but not have to type your credentials, as you’ll only have to do so once.

Ratchet And Clank: BTNratchet-and-clank-btn

What would a PlayStation top 10 list be without an actual Sony PlayStation Mobile games? No worthy list that’s for sure. With that said, Ratchet And Clank is a well-known Sony PlayStation franchise, and this mobile game is definitely a fun one. It’s essentially an on-rails runner and if you’re not entirely over the runner genre, this game lends itself well to the mobile platform.


UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunteruncharted

Fans of the UNCHARTED series should love this game especially if they enjoy puzzles, as you’ll be solving quite a few of them here. While there are some story elements baked in, there’s loads of puzzles to solve, items and other things to unlock, and of course, hidden treasures to collect.

PlayStation Videoplaystation-video


The only app you need if you get your video content from Sony’s PlayStation store. With plenty of movies and TV shows to cycle through, you can access any of the movies you want to purchase from the app, as well as video content that you already own through PlayStation video, and watch it anywhere.

PlayStation Messagesplaystation-messages

This is a must have app if you talk to your PlayStation friends often enough, and even if you only talk to them from time to time it’s a great way to stay in touch with them and an easy way to plan a game session together. It includes fun PlayStation-themed stickers and you can see when all of your friends are online and able to chat.


PS4 Remote Playps4-remote-play

If you have a PS4 then you already know one of its greatest features is Remote Play, which lets you stream your gameplay to either a PS Vita, Sony Xperia device, and now PC, to play the games on another screen. This works great for those times when everyone wants to use the TV at once.

PlayStation Vue Mobileplaystation-vue-mobile


Now that PlayStation Vue, Sony’s on-demand and live TV service, is available in more places, it’s a wonderful app to have if you’re looking to cut the cord from your standard cable TV provider. You can access tons of different networks, including SHOWTIME, and there are multiple packages available depending on how many channels and what kind of channels you want access to.

PlayStation Appplaystation-app

Last but not least, of course, is the official PlayStation App. You can use this app as a dashboard of sorts to see your recently earned trophies, chat with PlayStation friends, see online friends, check the “what’s new” section, and even link to the PlayStation Store to buy new games, add-ons, and/or other content.