Top 10: Best Fantasy Football (NFL) Apps for Android – Sept. 2016


With the 2016 NFL season about to get underway, many are looking for some apps to get into doing Fantasy Football for the season. Creating your own team to compete against other teams is always a fun hobby. While some do fantasy football for money, you can also do it for free or for fun. Here are some great apps to get going with fantasy football.

ESPN Fantasy Sports



ESPN has a great looking Fantasy Sports app here for Android. It’s available for much more than just Fantasy Football, so you are able to play other sports all with the same app. Within the app, you can create a league or join an existing one, not to mention you can draft your team without needing to go their website.

NFL Fantasy Football



This is the NFL’s own Fantasy Football app. Allowing you to get started right from your smartphone. Not to mention you’ll be able to keep up with your team each and every week, and make sure you’re doing well. And if not, you can initiate trades right from your smartphone or tablet with ease. This year’s update to the app includes push notifications, so you can be on top of everything going on with your players.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports



Like the app from ESPN that we already listed, Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports also works for Football and other sports. Meaning you can control your fantasy team for multiple sports with the same app. With Yahoo, you’ll be able to get your draft going and get everything ready for the first week of football, which starts on September 8th.

CBS Sports Fantasy



CBS Sports does also do their own fantasy sports leagues for different sports. With the NFL season about to start, this is a great app to check out to make sure your lineup is ready to go. As the last thing you’ll want is for your QB to be injured and not playing, as you’ll lose a ton of points and likely lose in week 1. That’s not something anyone wants, especially if they can avoid it.

Fantasy Draft Dominator 2016



This app will help you draft the players you want on your team, without needing to do a ton of homework ahead of time. You’ll be able to draft like you have a team of recruiters at your hand. Fantasy Draft Dominator 2016 is an app that you’ll definitely want to use and have on hand before you go into drafting your team for the season.

2016 Free Draft Guide



Need some help deciding which players you should draft for your fantasy team? This app is here to help. It gives you all types of analysis on just about every player in the league, as well as their stats and who would fit best in your team. It’s like having a coaching cheat sheet in your back pocket.




Don’t want to sign up for a whole season of fantasy football, but still want to play? No problem. FanDuel is here for you. With FanDuel you can set up your team for a specific day or the entire week (Thursday through Monday). This way you aren’t stuck with the same team all season long. You can also win quite a bit of cash playing FanDuel, and you can get started for as little as $0.05.



Very similar to FanDuel, DraftKings is a weekly or nightly fantasy duel. And it works with a whole lot more than just football. This way you can compete one week at a time instead of having to draft your entire team at the start of the season and be stuck with them for 17 weeks. Seeing as injuries do happen, this is definitely a great way to get into fantasy football.

Fantasy Football My Playbook


This here is another tool for getting the most out of your fantasy football team. My Playbook will give you insight on who to draft, who to play and so much more. The best part is that you can use this with any fantasy football team, whether that be through CBS, Yahoo, ESPN or even the NFL.

Fantasy Football, NFL News


This app is another necessary app for playing fantasy football, especially if you are taking it seriously. This app will aggregate and organize news based on the player. This is important because if the player is benched or perhaps injured, they won’t do you much good on your team since they won’t be on the field, and thus won’t earn you any points when playing against others.