Top 10: Best Call Blocker Apps for Android – September 2016

Top 10 Best Call Blocking Apps AH TD Sep 2016

In the world of Android, there’s very little that we can’t do with our smartphones. Even so, there’s still the nuisance that comes with having a phone number, even in today’s world. It’s too easy for companies to get a hold of us even when we haven’t asked them to, and if we’ve fallen out with friends and family, or are looking to move on from a harsh breakup, our phone numbers can be the biggest hurdle for smartphone peace. Thankfully, there are plenty of Android apps that will allow you to either filter, block or get a heads-up of nuisance calls. Here are 10 of the best.




Truecaller is one of the kinds of call blocking and spam protection in the Play Store. It has over 100 Million installs, and it’s such good technology that some people simply won’t use anything else. It can be used as a replacement for your phone app, and Truecaller has an excellent database of numbers that are known to be either spam or unsolicited numbers. From there, users can see when one of these numbers are calling, but they can also block their own numbers and contacts, too. A great all-rounder, this is an app from a big outfit and is always up-to-date and always works.

Call Blocker



The simple name for this app also reflects its simple nature, as this is an app that’s designed to get the job done without the need for any hassle or extra features. With a clean, Material Design interface, Call Blocker quickly allows users to get a grip on their nuisance calls simply, thanks to the included Blacklist and Whitelist. On top of this, Call Blocker also offers a simple scheduling feature, that allows users to get some peace and quiet exactly when they want it, and it also has a log of these calls, too.

Should I Answer?



This is an app that wants to make it super-easy to get some peace and quiet from your phone. It’s completely free, and aims to be as subtle as possible, rather than trying too hard and being more of a nuisance than the calls in the first place. Should I Answer? offers up a community database of known nuisance callers and spam numbers, which allows you to rely on proven knowledge from other users that have gone through the same sort of thing. It also has a built-in private blacklist feature that users can add to whenever they want, allowing users to take matters into their own hands.

Mr. Number



Mr. Number is an Android app that, like many others on this list, offers users a reliable database of pre-determined spam or nuisance callers. Numbers that might be associated with phishing scams or other such activities will automatically be filtered out and this information will be passed on to you. The app has a long history on Android, and with that time updates to Android have severely limited the app’s ability to block SMS messages as well as calls. It still does block calls of course, but it’s not quite as powerful as it could be after all this time, sadly. Still, another solid option to consider, and one that is kept up-to-date regularly.

Extreme Call Blocker



Another of the more professional call blocking apps on Android, Extreme Call Blocker integrates the FCC Spam List, as well as allows users to create their own blacklists to block friends, family or worse. Many will be wondering about its high price tag, but this is an app that has excellent support and the developers will happily provide users with a free trial, too. The reviews in the Play Store speak for themselves, but with classic pick up and hangup support on even the latest version of Android, Extreme Call Blocker is one of the best out there. For a complete solution, that updates its spam list each and every week, this might be a pricey solution, but arguably one of the best.




What used to be called Whitepages Caller ID is now called Hiya in the Play Store, and with one of the best databases out there, this is one that you will want to give a try if the others are failing you. It’s free to download and use, and has been installed over 5 Million times, which has to say something. So too, does the fact that Hiya has a great UI and solid features that filters out spam and nuisance calls, as well as allows users to add messages to a certain number. Local knowledge is what helps some roads keep moving smoothly, and the ability to add messages and notes to numbers here is the same concept, and an invaluable to some.

Call Control



Many of these apps have some sort of community element to them, but Call Control takes it to a whole ‘nother level. The community side of things here makes up a good portion of the backbone of Call Control, and it’s well worth looking into if you want to make sure that your device stays clean of nuisance calls and such. Clean, easy to use and more importantly free, Call Control might be the one that works for you if the others out there haven’t.

Call Blocker Free


If you’re looking for something that is free, simple and light on resources then Call Blocker Free is one option to consider. It has a familiar UI and layout to other call blocking apps, and it allows for quick blacklisting of numbers you no longer want to hear from. On top of this, it also has a number of custom modes that users can take advantage of, and it ultimately works very well for those on a budget or just looking for a free alternative to those that are more expensive.



Designed to be as lightweight and simple as possible, this is one Android app that might not have the features that others on this list boast, but that’s nothing to be worried about. AntiNuisance allows users to take matters into their own hands and make sure that the calls they want to be blocked are blocked and it can also blanket block unknown callers and such without any hassle.

Calls Blacklist


Another heavy hitter in the Play Store, Calls Blacklist has over 10 Million installs and it has an interface that feels right at home on the majority of Android devices. It’s powerful, looks good, and has excellent reviews. For those looking for an app to do it all that also doesn’t cost anything, Calls Blacklist works great. Free to download and use, this is one app that will help you get to the bottom of your nuisance calls with a range of simple options that are all easy to use.