Top 10 Best Android Smartwatches Buyer's Guide – September 2016

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It’s been a long time coming, but it seems as though we’re finally heading into the tail-end of the year with some more Android Wear smartwatches to talk about, as well as some interesting options elsewhere. Samsung’s new Gear S3 isn’t going to go on sale until later on in the year, which is why it won’t be on this list, but with new options from Fossil and Michael Kors now on sale, September has become one of the better months to purchase an Android Wear smartwatch. 

10. Fossil Q Founder

Fossil Q Founder AH 08


The Q Founder was Fossil’s first foray into the world of Android Wear, and while they have new models available now, this is still a quality option for people that want something a little more stylish. It might not offer a heart rate sensor or the same high-quality display as other Android Wear watches, but its chunky form factor as well as traditional fit and finish will appeal to those that want a watch first and a gadget second. Available now in a range of different colors and strap options, including some stylish two-tone options, the Fossil Q Founder should certainly be one to look out for.

Fossil Q Founder

09. LG Watch Urbane



What is quickly becoming one of the older Android Wear smartwatches out there, the Watch Urbane from LG still remains one of the most stylish. It features a heart rate sensor and a fully-circular OLED display, which is sharp and crisp. Despite some reports of older models getting burn-in issues, the Watch Urbane is a great jumping on point for those looking for a watch that can do a bit of everything while at the same time looking nice and stylish. Whether or not the Watch Urbane is updated to Android Wear 2.0 seems to be a big question right now, and whether it does or not will decide how much longer it lasts on shelves. As a smartwatch that ticks all of the right boxes, all the while being a little bit on the large side, this is a watch that those interested in Android Wear should give a look.

LG Watch Urbane

08. Fossil Q Marshall, Q Wander

FOssil Q Wander Marshal


Earlier this year, Fossil announced more smartwatches running Android Wear; the Q Marshall and the Q Wander. With the Q Marshall on the right, Fossil have evolved the look and feel from the Q Founder, while the Q Wander on the left has something a little more modern about it. Available in a range of different colors and different band styles, these two new watches look pretty nice. With the new Snapdragon Wear 2100 on the inside as well the ability to make or take phone calls from your wrist, these two options are cut from the same cloth while offering users different styles. They still don’t offer heart rate monitoring and anything like that, but it should be pretty clear by now that these are designed to be stylish first and foremost.

Fossil Q Wander Fossil Q Marshall

07. Motorola Moto 360 – 2nd Gen



While many will still be waiting for the replacement for the ever-ageing Moto 360 to arrive, it’s still one of the more complete options available on the market. With a wide array of different case options – including two different sizes – the Moto 360 – 2nd gen is a real looker, and with the standard 22m or 18mm watch fittings it makes for one of the better-looking smartwatches of recent memory. With a heart rate monitor and a standard processor this time around, Motorola got a lot of things right here, but with the same flat tire that people have never been keen on, it’s still not up there with the rest of them.

Moto 360 - 2nd Gen

06. Polar M600

Polar M600 smartwatch_2


Now available, the Polar M600 is one of the only fitness-focused Android Wear smartwatches to hit the market, and while that may or may not be a good thing depending on your outlook, it’s an option that we sorely need. With built-in GPS, and a build that looks like a fitness tracker grew too big for its boot, the Polar M600 is a great option for those looking for a sophisticated way of tracking their activities. With some of the more accurate heart rate tracking available, as well as a modern look and feel, the Polar M600 is the Android Wear watch for those serious about getting or staying fit while also having a quality smartwatch experience.

Polar M600

05. Moto 360 Sport

AH Moto 360 Sport-display


For those that want that sporty modern look without all the bulk and the obviousness, Motorola has you covered. The Moto 360 Sport is little more than a Moto 360 – 2nd Gen in a different look and feel, but it’s lightweight, thin and most importantly water-resistant and sporty. it features all the same features as most other Android Wear apps, as well as a decent built-in offering from Motorola to keep track of your activities. It’s a good-looking watch, and one that won’t break the bank either.

Moto 360 Sport

04. Michael Kors Access Collection

Michael Kors Android Wear


Another pair of watches that were announced earlier in the year and are now finally going on sale, the pricey Michael Kors collection has options for both men and women. As we covered earlier this week, there’s a wide array of different straps and color options available, and this is yet another option powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100. These are watches that, like the Fossil Q line, are designed to be stylish first and foremost and with the Michael Kors name attached to them, it’s likely that they’ll sell well. They might not have the same amount of features of other watches out there, but they look great, and will offer Android Wear fans some much-needed choice when it comes to the high-end.

Michael Kors Access Smartwatch (Bradshaw) Access Smartwatch (Dylan)

03. Samsung Gear S2


While the Gear S3 was recently announced during IFA 2016, it’s not going to be on sale for quite some time yet, so it won’t be available in this list just yet. Regardless, Samsung made it very clear that the Gear S2 would live on alongside the Gear S3, and is certainly not being replaced entirely by their new kid on the block. The Gear S2 works with the majority of Android smartphones out there, and it has some excellent features as part of its Tizen operating system. The rotating bezel and other such niceties are worth taking a look at, and these are watches that are real lookers, too.

Samsung Gear S2

01. Huawei Watch 

Huawei Watch AH-21

Coming up for pretty much a year or more on sale by now, people are waiting for the next Huawei Watch, but so good was the Chinese name’s first and only Android Wear smartwatch that everyone else has been trying their best to catch up. The case is available in more color options than anything else out there, and with more watch face options than you can shake a Tag Heuer at, Huawei have made one hell of a smartwatch. They even had the foresight to add in a speaker, which now allows for the making and taking of phone calls while on the move. A great smartwatch that seems to be only getting better over time, the Huawei Watch is worth looking into.

Huawei Watch