Top 10: Best Android Apps – September 2016

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It’s that time again, where we roll through a list of applications that just might fit perfectly into your day to day use, whether it be on a smartphone or tablet. There are always new apps floating into the Play Store which can make it all the more difficult/challenging to find apps that might work for you and fit into how you use your mobile device, which is why we have put together this list. With so many great new apps popping up all the time it can also be challenging to narrow down which ones you may want to check out, so here’s our list of ten apps worth their salt and worthy of your time.

Opera Free VPNopera-free-vpn

Kicking things off for this list is Opera Free VPN, which as the name suggests is a free VPN application that allows you to browse the web safely and securely. It even has built-in features to block ad trackers and it’s touted as one of the faster mobile VPN options.


FOX Sports VRfox-sports-vr-5

This is an app best used in conjunction with a VR viewer like Cardboard, but it isn’t required and can be enjoyed on your mobile display too. With FOX Sports VR and a cable subscription, you can watch live streamed sports events like never before, and even explore around your own personal VIP Suite. If you love sports, this is a must.

Bohemian Rhapsody Experiencebohemian-rhapsody-experience-02


This is another app which is best experienced with a VR viewer like Cardboard, but also isn’t required. If you love Bohemian Rhapsody and you want a trippy yet wondrous experience, this app takes you through the mind of Freddie Mercury (the frontman for Queen) with the hit song Bohemian Rhapsody reimagined as an immersive and visual adventure in virtual reality.

Samsung Focussamsung-focus-3

This is an app which is only available for Samsung’s more recent Galaxy devices and requires at least Android Marshmallow, but if you have a compatible device it’s a perfect app for managing productivity. It supports connection for POP3, IMAP, and Exchange ActiveSync email accounts, while also allowing you to link your calendar, contacts, tasks, and memos so you can operate more efficiently with your work and business-related daily tasks. Reply to emails, view your contacts lists, and even join conference calls through services like CISCO Webex or Citrix GotoMeeting.


Asana: Team Tasks & Projectsasana

If you work with a team of people, a good application for collaborating on projects is always a good tool to have, and Asana just might be able to deliver on those needs. It’s got a nice up to date material design UI and has useful features like the ability to update and add work on the go, swipe to complete tasks and alert your team to finished projects, and you can engage in conversations with your team right from within the app.

Remote For GPMDPremote-for-gpmdp


If you use Google Play Music, then this is an app you’ll want to have installed. While you won’t need it for managing your playback through the Play Music application on your device, if you’re listening to Google Play Music on your desktop or laptop, this app serves as a remote control so you don’t have to use the mouse or keyboard, which comes in handy if you’re not in front of the computer.

WoW Legion CompanionWoW Legion Companion (7)

This one is for the World of Warcraft players. If you’re like one of the millions who are knee deep in the latest expansion to the popular MMO, Legion, then this will allow you to do a multitude of things on the go like track world quests, manage your champions and followers and start/complete your champion missions all from within the app.


Shake-It Alarmshake-it-alarm

There are lots of different alarm apps out there, but Shake-It Alarm shakes things up (quite literally) by letting you shake your device to stop your morning alarm and get you out of bed. Of course, it has other crazy and fun/hilarious methods for stopping the alarm as well, like letting you scream and shout at your device to turn it off. There are also more methods if you don’t like those two options, and Shake-It Alarm features a pretty slick design too.

Nick Jr. – Shows & Gamesnick-jr


For the kiddos in your life, Nick Jr. – Shows & Games is what it says in the title. A comprehensive offering of full episodes from your child’s favorite Nick Jr. shows, fun games, and a design that makes it easy for kids to navigate complete with audio instructions. This is the official Nick Jr. application.


Rounding out this list is the official Digit app. For the longest time Digit only offered a web interface to interact with the service, with the addition of replying to them by text message to do things like withdraw money from your Digit account, deposit money into it, and stop automatic deposits. Now you can do all of that from the app and get a visual overview of your Digit account anytime, anywhere without having to open up the browser.