Top 10: Best Android Apps For The NFL 2016 Season

Top 10 Best NFL Apps For Android

Rejoice, as football is officially back! The pre-season is all over and done with and now the regular season started this week. While the Broncos have already gotten their first win of the season, there are still plenty more games left this coming Sunday and the next 16 weeks of the season! But how are you going to keep up with the season? Here are ten apps to do just that.

NFL Mobile



This app is the official NFL app from the league, however there are a number of features exclusive to Verizon users. Which includes watching the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl through the app. But those that aren’t Verizon customers can still use the app to check in on the scores, highlights and much more. If you login through your cable provider, you can watch full games as well.




ESPN is another popular app for keeping up with all the happenings in the NFL. And many other leagues as well, including the NBA and NHL, both of which will be starting up fairly soon. You’ll be able to login through your cable provider and watch some games on the go. Mostly Monday Night Football games though, since those are the only ones that ESPN airs.

NFL Sunday Ticket



If you subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV, then this is definitely a must-have app. This way you won’t miss a single touchdown on Sundays (or Thursdays and Mondays with the primetime games). You can also use the NFL Sunday Ticket to dominate your fantasy league and really win some cold hard cash – that is if you are playing for cash.

Bleacher Report: Team Stream



Do you want to follow the news of just a specific team? Bleacher Report has you covered here with their Team Stream app. Allowing you to choose a team or two, or three, and only receive news, scores and highlights for that specific team. It makes it easier to see what’s going on, without needing to filter through everything else.




One of the most well-rounded sports apps around, theScore is a great companion for the upcoming NFL season. And the College Football season, if you do follow college football as well. theScore can break down scores by league, and also by conference in the NFL. So you can see what’s happening in the AFC versus the NFC and see which team is at the top of their division or conference.

CBS Sports



Like theScore, CBS Sports also allows you to keep up to date with all of your favorite teams – whether they are NFL teams or part of another sport. The CBS Sports app will show you highlights, news and much more. However, despite CBS broadcasting a number of games on Sundays, they won’t be broadcasting them through the app.

Football NFL Schedules 2016



This app here is fairly simple. It essentially gives you the NFL schedule for this season and that’s about it. So you can figure out who your team plays this week, and see who other teams in your division play – maybe root for them to lose so your team has a chance at the playoffs come January.

NFL Game Pass


This is a pretty unique service. It’s a subscription service that allows you to watch every single game this season. However, it’s only for those that are not within the US, Bermuda, Antigua, the Bahamas and other US territories. As long as you don’t live within the US, you can use this service. A great way to keep up with the NFL and not miss a single game when you are out of the country.

Madden NFL Mobile


Want to play some Madden on your smartphone? Well thanks to Electronic Arts, you can do just that. This game allows you to build your own team of NFL superstars and take them to the Super Bowl. There are also daily live events available, so you can elevate your Madden game and get even better. The game is free, but with in-app purchases.

NFL Emojis


While Twitter may have their own emojis for each NFL team to kickoff the season, you can have NFL Emojis as well with this app. These are more or less stickers that you can send to people in different messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and many others. There are also customized emojis and stickers for each of the 32 NFL teams in this app.