Tinder-Style App Helps You Find Movies And TV To Watch


If you've used the popular dating app Tinder, you're probably familiar with the format; swipe in one direction to like, swipe in the other direction to pass. This incredibly simple formula makes it easy to find matches based purely on the number of profiles you can give feedback on in a short period of time. Now, a new app brings a similar style to personalizing movie and TV suggestions.

MightyTV presents users with a list of movies and shows that they can either like, by swiping right, or dislike, by swiping left. If the user is not sure, they can also pass for the time being by swiping upwards, and to give the item in question some extra love, the user can hold their selection a few extra moments before releasing a rightward swipe. Using this information compiled from your personal preferences, the app is able to suggest movies that you are likely to enjoy. The app is not just about finding content that you will like, but also makes it easy for you to watch it. While liking and disliking movies and TV shows, there is a button in the bottom corner that offers an option to add the item to your watchlist to make it easy to get back to later. And there are links directly within the app to third-party video streaming services such as Netflix, so you can go right from MightyTV into the show or movie you wish to watch. It also offers a practical solution for couples or friends looking to find something to watch that they will both enjoy. The app allows you to choose a friend and will cross reference their tastes with yours to find the perfect video content for you to watch together.

With wireless carriers continuing to offer more competitive plans, many of which include unlimited data or unlimited video streaming, it is now easier than ever for consumers to spend a large portion of their day watching movies and shows on whatever screen happens to be closest to them; the hard part now is finding new and interesting things to watch, and that's where MightyTV comes in. 


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