Tado's Smart Thermostat Offers Independent Room Control

Household devices are getting smarter all the time. With today’s connected devices, users can control many things in their home, such as washers and dryers, lights, and even coffee makers, directly from their smartphones. One of the more popular home automation solutions is the smart thermostat, which allows the temperature within a home to be controlled from a smartphone app. There are many great smart thermostats on the market already, such as Google’s own Nest, but now there is a new option, with an intriguing new feature – independent room control.

Tado, a German company that makes smart home products, announced two new products at this year’s IFA in Berlin. The Tado smart thermostat offers similar features to other alternatives, however, their smart radiator thermostat provides much more flexibility. The radiator thermostats go in each room, and can provide heat to the room independently without affecting the temperature in the rest of the building. This allows rooms to be kept at different temperatures to suit the temperature preferences of different users in each room. The thermostats can be regulated via the Tado smartphone app, so the user can change the temperature in any room from anywhere. It also integrates with other services, such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, to provide even more flexibility, giving users the ability to control the thermostat with their voice. Tado even works with IFTTT, an automation solution that connects many different services with each other, allowing users to customize their own home automation solutions. This opens a world of possibilities, including the ability to set the heating to turn on upon arriving home, or creating a recurring schedule.

Installation seems straightforward, however, Tado recommends having it installed by a licensed professional. In addition to the added convenience the Tado smart thermostat and smart radiator thermostat offer, the company claims that using them can save as much as 31 percent on your energy bill. Starter kits will cost $265 for the smart thermostat and internet bridge (which is needed to connect the device to a wireless router), or $239 for two smart radiator thermostats and a bridge, with radiator units for additional rooms costing $80 each. But there is also another option for those who want to pay on a month-to-month basis. The starter kits can be obtained for a monthly fee of between $3.20 and $6.65, depending upon the specific configuration. This makes the devices much more affordable in the short term, which is likely to ease concerns with consumers about making big investments before getting a feel for how the thermostats work. To see how the Tado thermostats connect to your existing wiring, check out the installation video below.

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