T-Mobile’s New Ad Starring Nicki Minaj Takes Aim At Verizon

If you have been following the war of words between T-Mobile and its three main competitors in the U.S market, this will come as no surprise. The Deutsche Telekom-owned U.S. carrier has now released a new commercial aimed directly at Verizon, mocking it for its limited data plans. The ad highlights the choices smartphone users often have to make, foregoing video streaming in favor of less data-hungry online activities such as chatting on WhatsApp or Snapchat. The 30-second spot, called ‘Love Triangle’, is the brainchild of French advertising and public relations company, Publicis, and features musician and former American Idol judge, Ms. Nicki Minaj. The ad shows the singer, songwriter and actress walking in unannounced at a restaurant to confront her man, Steven, who’s apparently ‘on a date’ with Ghostface Chillah, the affable Snapchat ghost.

Needless to say, the singer does not seem the least bit pleased with what she sees. Calling him out for this apparent betrayal, Ms. Minaj asks Steven to explain why he’s now ignoring her after streaming her videos all morning. Caught between a rock and a hard place, poor Steven could only come up with a bumbling, stuttering and unsatisfactory response to Ms. Minaj’s question. One might have expected him to come up with the standard "It’s not you, it’s me" excuse, but as it turns out, the guy comes up with something even worse. “It’s not you, it’s Verizon”, he blurted out. "They limit my data, I had to choose", continued Steven, making things more awkward than they already were at this point.

Clearly unimpressed, the Trinidad-born star turns to the Snapchat logo, prodding her to ditch the two-timing Steven for “a man with unlimited data”. The two then walk out of the restaurant together, with the poor guy in all likelihood wishing he was on the ‘T-Mobile One’ plan that comes with unlimited high-speed data. The plan was announced last month as part of T-Mobile’s ‘Un-carrier 12’ announcement and costs $70 per line for unlimited talk, text and LTE data. Users can also add additional lines to the plan, with the second line costing $50 per month. While the third line costs merely $20, T-Mobile is actually giving a fourth for free for a limited time. While video streaming is restricted to 480p resolution for the all-you-can-eat T-Mobile One plan, the carrier is also offering a more premium T-Mobile One Plus service with HD video streaming for an extra $25 per line.

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