T-Mobile Halting Sales of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7


Ever since Samsung's larger-than-life Galaxy Note 7 went on general sale, there have been reports that not everything is quite as it should be. From reports of a display that isn't quite as tough as Samsung claims it to be, to reports of the device catching fire and exploding when charging, the Galaxy Note 7 has had a rough launch. As such, Samsung is now officially recalling the Galaxy Note 7, as covered in an official statement earlier today. What people thought wouldn't happen seems to have come true, and Samsung appears to be acting quickly in order to get all of this sorted out. A swift recall at the beginning of a product's launch cycle could lead to a recovery in sales, and this is what Samsung will be aiming for.

T-Mobile, one of the biggest carriers in the United States, has this morning quickly followed suit and is announcing that they will be halting sales of the Galaxy Note 7. While the initial press release from T-Mobile is currently a little short on details, the carrier is ensuring customers that they will take care of them. This presumably entails the option for Galaxy Note 7 customers to have their purchases fully-refunded, and/or be given the option to haveĀ a similar device exchanged for it. Exactly what T-Mobile – as well as other carriers such as Verizon and AT&T – plan to do is unclear, but it's likely they will all follow suit with more information and their own press releases later today.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been on shelves for around two weeks or so, and Samsung is already having to recall it. While the South Korean firm has issues their own official announcement regarding the recall, it's unclear what will be happening next. It's likely that Samsung will work hard to fix the issues affecting devices, namely the exploding batteries and fragile glass panels, and then relaunch the device as well as send replacements to those with a first-batch device. We'll keep you updated if and when we hear more about the recall as well as what T-Mobile is to do next. No matter what though, this is definitely not what Samsung was hoping for when they announced the Galaxy Note 7 back in August.

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