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Racing Care on Fire is an endless runner style of game for Android that puts players behind the wheel of a number of different vehicles. It then challenges them with the task of making sure that they don't hit too much traffic and keep on making it through to the individual checkpoints. Keep hitting the checkpoints and collecting coins and you'll soon be able to progress to the different stages as well upgrade your car or unlock new ones. Not just your average endless runner game, Racing Car on Fire has a mission system, where players will need to complete certain objectives as well as meat certain goals in order to keep on playing or unlock new hardware to do better in later runs. So, let's take a closer look, shall we?

As with other Android games, players will first need to download Racing Car on Fire from the Play Store. It's a free game, and while there are some ads, these are few and far between, with in-app purchases being the main source of income for the developers.



The first thing that users will need to do is give Racing Car on Fire permission to modify files on their device, something that isn't at all clearly defined, so I'm still wondering why this is. Even so, players can then choose from one of the many stages, although only the first is available for those that are just starting out.


This is because players need to play Racing Car on Fire in order to unlock these later stages. They need to reach a certain star value, which seems to be achieved by a mix of lasting as long as you can on the road as well as accumulating points scored.



Things start off fairly easily here, but players will need to dodge cars as well as collect the nitrous bottles dotted around the stages in order to get to and clear the checkpoints as quickly as they can. This is easier said than done, and while it is quite easy at first, it gets a lot more difficult as players keep on going down the road.



Should you run out of time, you'll be given the option to keep on playing or simply give up, this is something that not a lot of people will be happy with, as the game asks for your coins as a way to keep on playing, and it takes a long, long time to raise your amount of coins.


These coins can also be used to unlock new vehicles, as well as upgrade your own. This makes up a lot of the reason to keep on playing, but it gets a hell of a long time to get enough coins to be able to upgrade your vehicle in a meaningful manner, and each of these upgrades costs a decent amount of coins, too.



Of course, the real fun comes from when you have enough coins to unlock some of the more extravagant, special vehicles that Racing Car on Fire has on offer.



The Helicopter in particular has some serious firepower on offer, and it's something that a lot of people will find enjoyable as it does mix up the overall gameplay, but it takes a good while to be able to afford the coins to unlock it.


The gameplay at the heart of Racing Car on Fire plays well, and offers players fast-paced action that a lot of endless runner fans will appreciate. The controls are simple – requiring players to just tap either left or right – and it's certainly addictive.



Over time, Racing Car on Fire only gets better and better, as players unlock more and more quality cars and upgrades, while the checkpoint system keeps the sense of urgency going, as players need to make sure they reach the next one in order to keep on moving.

While I found a lot to like about the initial gameplay that Racing Car on Fire has to offer players, I felt that the rest of the features either felt like they were added in purely for the sake of it, or that they don't give players all that much of a chance to actually get them. To be able to get the default car upgraded to something quite a bit better, players will end up spending a lot of time in-game purely to unlock more and more coins. Of course, once players do end up accumulating enough coins to unlock the better vehicles, the game becomes even faster-paced and offers players even more in terms of a challenge. A classic endless runner with a lot of window dressing, Racing Car on Fire is worth taking a look into, especially if you enjoy these sorts of games, but will ultimately frustrate those not keen on collecting coins all of the time.



  • Speed (4/5) – Performance of Racing Car on Fire is good, and offers players fast-paced action without any lag getting in the way of things.
  • Theme (4/5) – Everything here looks good, the 3D graphics are decent and there's some quality effects going on as well. Of course, the only thing that some people will miss is higher-resolution assets.
  • Features (4/5) – It's a classic endless runner game with a number of extras available to players and while that might be a big turn on for a lot of players, it does take a long time to be able to unlock more of the extra cars and such.
  • Overall (4/5) – A good, fun game that might not appeal to everyone, Racing Car on Fire is your classic endless runner game, and whether or not you're happy with that might determine how much you enjoy the overall game.


  • Super-simple controls make it nice and easy for the majority of players to be able to pick up play the game exactly as they see fit.
  • Doesn't ask too much of its players, as there's not too much to remember, allowing players to get wrapped up in the action.
  • Has a lot of different vehicles as well as upgrades for players to progress into, keeping players on their toes as well as giving the game some replay value.
  • Helicopter and Tanks give the game a whole new feeling, and will certainly be vehicles to save up for when collecting coins.


  • Doesn't make it easy to unlock the cool new vehicles or upgrades as it can take a long time to get these unlocked.
  • Higher-resolution assets for the menu items and cars would make the game appear sharped on newer devices.

While it's not the best endless runner game out there, Racing Car on Fire has more than enough for fans of the genre to get excited about. It looks decent enough, has some addictive gameplay, simple controls and a lot of different vehicles and such to unlock over time. The only real issue with the game is how long it can end up taking to unlock these different vehicles over time, but the experienced and hardworking gamers out there shouldn't find this too difficult over time.


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