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Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter is an Android game that channels classic puzzle bobble games of the past. Across 180 different levels, players will need to meet the requirements for each individual level. Some of which are pretty easy, while others will challenge you with a limit of how many bubbles you can use, or an ever-changing level layout that ends up being tricky to overcome. The game is free to download and play, but some other features will require users to pay for things. The graphics and overall look and feel of Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter is colorful, high-quality and quite charming. So, let's see how much fun it is, shall we?

As with other games like this, users will need to download Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter from the Play Store. As we mentioned, this is a free game to download, but it does feature ads as well as add-ons that users need to pay for.



When first starting the game Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter will get players right into the thick of it, and right away, we can see where the game gets its inspiration from. The classic Puzzle Bobble is alive and well here in Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter, but there are a number of differences that should help players play the game differently.


Graphically, everything here looks good, and it has some fun and charming elements in terms of sound effects and such. It's a good-looking game, and one that will appeal to casual gamers as well as younger audiences, too.



Each of the different levels has a different sort of goal that players will need to meet in order to pass to the next level and while this mostly starts off nice and easy, it does get a lot harder throughout the 160 levels. This will often include having only a certain amount of bubbles to use.



On top of this, Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter tries to keep the action alive by offering up different puzzle patterns, some of which will evolve over time as you hit more and more of the different bubbles and such. Having this sort of variety in the levels that players go through does help to keep the game feeling fresh, and some of the level designs are just good fun to look at.


As the levels evolve, players will feel as if they're making real progress as they go from one level to the next, and complete the game map. I liked this feeling of progression, but felt that Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter could have taken things a little further overall.



The game opens up a little further and offers players challenges, such as freeing friendly monsters as well as having to battle against evil little demons, which definitely helps to spice things up, and the classic gameplay underneath it all works great as well. For players that want to do better or just have more fun with the gameplay, users can go ahead and use real money to purchase coins and then use these coins to redeem boosters and such.



After spending some time with Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter, I have to say that while it's clearly not the most original game out there, it's a lot of fun, and it does bring back some great memories while playing it. Across the 180 different levels, the overall layout of the bubbles does change quite a bit and the tasks that the game gives you at the beginning of everything is pretty nice as well. The graphics look good and have clearly been made with some high-resolution assets as well, which, coupled with the cool sound effects makes for a game that looks good and sounds good no matter what device it's being used on. Ultimately, this is a game that will only appeal to those that have either not played Puzzle Bobble games before, or are just simply looking for another of these games that they've played before.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything in Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter runs nice and quickly, and it doesn't ask too much of the player to get up-to-speed with, either.
  • Theme (4/5) – I was pretty impressed with the overall look and feel of Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter, with some great graphics and a fun, lovable art style there's very little to complain about here.
  • Features (4/5) – Gameplay here is solid, if not a little repetitive and unoriginal. Even so, the fact that the different levels have a different layout to them helps to spice things up, and it's well worth giving a shot if you know and love this kind of game.
  • Overall (4/5) – Even though it's pretty obvious as to where Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter got its inspiration from, the game makes up for this with some quality gameplay features, and it really is quite addictive to play.


  • Good-looking graphics that have been made with some high-resolution assets that look really nice no matter what the device.
  • Changes the layout of the levels quite often, leading users to find something fun to play on each and every one of the 180 different levels that are out there.
  • Different tasks at the beginning of each level help spice things up and make sure that there's a challenge for every level.
  • Boosts and other such add-ons help keep things fresh, without feeling too gimmicky or even all that necessary as players don't need them to beat the game.


  • Some of the ads that appear full screen will seem too frequent for a lot of people out there.
  • Unoriginal gameplay might not appeal to players that have seen and played enough of these sorts of games too many times before.

All-in-all, there's a lot to like about Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter, especially if you're a fan of the old gameplay that is part and parcel of these sorts of games. With some great-looking graphics and awesome sound effects, this is a puzzle bobble homage that will bring a smile to the faces of a lot of gamers out there, casual or otherwise. It might not be the most original game on Android, but it's damn good fun and that's ultimately all that matters.

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