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Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is an Android app that's designed to help those that enjoy making memes as well as classic comic strips create their own using just their Android smartphone or tablet. The app is obviously based around the bizarre 2016 Presidential Election that we see ourselves a part of, but it can be used by anyone, and for anything, that they want to. Free to download and use, Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton makes it easy to create a tongue-in-cheek, topical meme to share with friends online, or just yet another way to poke fun at the Political and Historical figures of our day. Not just an app for those looking to shine a light on the ridiculous 2016 Presidential Election, Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton can be used by people all over the world. With figures like the Queen of England, Vladimir Putin and a whole lot more, this is definitely worth taking a look at.

Just like other Android apps, users will need to download Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton from the Play Store. As mentioned earlier, it's a free app to download and use, with no ads or in-app purchases in sight, either.



Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton starts up without much of an introduction or anything like that, but it does make it nice and easy to get started. All users need to do is choose create new and then they can choose from a preset layout, or toggle the "Pro Mode" on to take things further.




The Pro Mode is where those really looking to share a topical look at the day's or week's events will want to be, and it allows users much more control on their final masterpiece.


I'm not one to poke fun at people in this sort of manner, I would rather choose to share other people's works where appropriate, but something like Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is more likely to convert me, given how easy it is to create something, and then add your own little piece of text to it.



There's also a great amount of different backgrounds and such for people to choose from, including some standard color wipes as well as something a little more patriotic for those looking to poke fun at the 2016 Presidential Election (which, let's face it, is an absolute gold mine).



The developers have put together a short and sweet video – which you can watch below – that goes through how easy it is to create something funny and topical with Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton.

If you're still looking for some inspiration however, the developers also have a Twitter account which shares some of the best user-submitted images they've seen. The Twitter handle is @ShadowInkApp, and it's a lot of fun to browse through some of the best memes and comic strips that people have created.


As a Brit, this one about the Queen of England really tickled me, and kind of lines up with some of my own feelings on the Monarchy as well.



One thing that I particularly like about Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is the variety of different characters that the developers have managed to squeeze in here. Sure, the app was obviously designed to capture the buzz and commentary surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election, but there's a hell of a lot you can do with the app, and it's all free, too.



These characters, although plentiful, also have a range of different poses and expressions. This makes it nice and easy to put together a nice meme post that really conveys what you're trying to get across.


After spending time with Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton it's easy to see why this is going to become even more popular over the coming months. Not only is it a great app to help people poke fun at the sideshow that has become Trump vs Hilary, but it's also a great app for people all over the world to get whatever they need to off of their chests. A fun and simple way of making something similar to those fun memes you keep on liking all over the Internet, Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is well worth looking into, especially given that the app is entirely free, and will certainly come in handy over the next month or two. As a Brit, who find this whole Trump vs Hilary contest somewhat Hilaryous (see what I did there?), I like that I can choose characters from other, more relateable subjects such as my own politics as well as the Royal Family. The inclusion of Silicon Valley giants as well s pop culture characters is great as well, and the wide variety of different poses that they all have makes for an excellent mix, and one that makes user-defined satire and meme-making super-easy.


  • Speed (4/5) – It takes no time at all to make a funny meme that looks professional as well as dank, and the app itself runs quickly, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – The art style at play here in Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is both unique as well as familiar, although it will stick out among some other meme posts out there. The app's interface also looks good and is really easy to use, too.
  • Features (5/5) – There are few other – if any – that make topical meme-making as simple and easy as Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton does on Android. Especially for a free app.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Given that all memes and strips made with this will all look the same, it might be difficult to stand out from the crowd, but it's something that we'll start seeing more of in the next couple of months. Even beyond the 2016 Election, it will be used by those all over the world looking to express themselves.


  • Completely free to download and use, without any ads or in-app purchases, which is pretty rare these days for any kind of app.
  • Lots of different formats and backgrounds available for longer jokes as well as multi-character setups as well.
  • Character selection extends far beyond just Trump and Hilary, including political and historical figures from all over the world.
  • Super-simple interface makes it easy to create, laugh and share at your own dank memes that you've thought long and hard about.


  • Unique art style might put off those looking to create something more meme-esque that will fit in better online.
  • Interactive tutorial would be helpful for those that have never used an app like this before.

All-in-all, there's a lot on offer here in Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton, and it's one of the best free apps to land in the Play Store for a long, long time. While it's definitely based around the Trump vs Hilary show, there's no need to use it just for that, and the developers have made sure of that. There's a wide variety of characters from all over the world, and it's nice and simple to create whatever you want with whoever you want. Memes are fun, but joining in can often be too much effort than it's worth, which is where Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton comes in, as it levels the playing field and allows anyone to jump in and have their fun.

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