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KeepVid Pro is an app for your PC which is designed to help you download videos from the web, allowing you to grab videos from sites like YouTube, MTV.com, Vevo and more, all without much effort at all. The program has a handful of useful features to help you get the job done and the interface appears easy to navigate, but does it truly offer what you need if you're looking to download videos which you would otherwise only have the option to stream? Let's take a closer look at KeepVid Pro and see what all it has to offer, shall we?

Before you can get started with downloading videos from various website where you would normally stream them, you'll have to first install the app onto your PC. You can download the KeepVid app for free from their website, but it's also available as a Pro option with a few more features that allow for a more robust experience, and for the purpose of this review we're working with the Pro version.

Once KeepVid is installed, whether you choose the free or the pro version, you'll be able to start downloading videos from places like YouTube, Vevo and other similar websites, or generally any website that hosts their own video platform.

KeepVid has options for downloading video, which has its own tab, as well as watching videos from online which is in a separate tab. If you aren't sure where you want to watch your video, you can click on the online tab and YouTube as well as MTV.com, Vimeo, CBS.com, and other websites are all listed as options, and when clicked, it opens up the built-in browser so you don't have to exit the app and go to the website, which makes things a little quicker and a little easier as you can do everything in one app.

With the built-in browser, web pages pull up as they would normally on other websites, and this option to watch video online could be used as a great way to pass time if you're waiting for videos to download.

If you already know what video you want to download and where you're getting it from, you can leave it on the download tab, which is the default when you open up the program, and you'll be able to paste in the link to get started. There is a dedicated paste URL button in the top left corner to make things simple.

Once you have videos downloaded, you can also have them converted automatically into any number of various formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, DIVX, MOV, and more. To enable this option there is a toggle in the top right corner, and when clicked you'll immediately select the format that you want the downloaded video converted into.

To keep things organized, there are also folders for downloaded videos and videos which have been converted so you can narrow down your search when you're looking for something specific.

Before you begin downloading a video KeepVid has a Turbo Mode option that allows downloads to complete faster. You get this with the Pro version of the app. Next to the Turbo Mode toggle there is also a download preferences button, and in here you'll find options for the video download quality, which defaults to 480p, but will go up to 4K resolution.

KeepVid Pro also offers up a record option if you need to record video, and to start this all you have to do is hit the dedicated record button that sits next to the paste URL button. Once clicked this will transition you to the PC home screen and you'll see a red dotted line box, along with controls lining the top of the box.

If you're unsure what your video resolution is after you've started downloading a video, KeepVid Pro will alert you to the default resolution with a window that pops up, and then inform you that you can change the default resolution and tell you where to access it. Having said that, the video resolution of the download is also listed in the progress bar that shows how far along the download is. You can also pause the download at any time if you need to.

In the preferences section you can also change the language you want to use for the app, and you can even set an automated time for updates, which you can set to happen daily, weekly, monthly, or you can disable it entirely.

When it comes down to it, KeepVid Pro was easy to use and it actually has quite a few features. Downloading videos is really simple and fast with turbo mode enabled. A video in 1440p downloaded from YouTube in about a minute so it didn't take long. The process might take a bit longer for you depending on your PC setup and should you choose to have the video converted directly after the download. The online video option also gives those who want to watch videos right away a method of doing so without having to leave the KeepVid app. With options to convert the videos manually after the download is finished or set it to convert automatically, it also gives the user a little bit of control.


  • Speed (5/5) - The app is quick to open and downloads are fast too. This is made especially quick with Turbo Mode.
  • Theme (4/5) - The UI of KeepVid Pro is fairly simple and easy to navigate. It isn't overwhelming which is nice.
  • Features (4.5/5) - KeepVid Pro offers quite a bit with options for video conversion, download quality, and more.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - A great app for the PC if you want or need to download videos for any purpose.


  • Turbo Mode in the Pro version
  • Download Quality options
  • Auto conversion after download is finished
  • Option for manual conversion after download is finished
  • Capability to watch online video
  • Sections for downloading videos, finished videos, and converted videos to help narrow your search


  • Some users may not notice that downloading multiple videos at once is possible just by hitting the paste video button multiple times. Making users more aware of this could be a good thing.

Overall, KeepVid Pro is a simple to use, fast working app for downloading videos from the web. The built-in browser is a nice touch for watching videos online too without having to leave the app, and you're also able to use the app for downloading MP3 too. Although not all computers and screens will support it, the ability to have the videos downloaded in 4K is a nice touch as well. If you want to download videos that you watch or the music that you listen to, this app will serve its purpose and then some and is worth giving it a shot.

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