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GoEuro is an Android app that aims to make it easier for travelers looking to move around Europe by allowing them to search and book tickets for trains, buses and flights across the continent. It's a tool that works across 33,000 different locations throughout Europe, allowing users to book transport from over  450 of GoEuro's bus, train and plane providers. Already used in 120 different countries, GoEuro is a well-established name in the travel industry. This Android app continues to grow with the addition of features such as the new option to store payment data and other previously-entered info. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it is designed to find the best transport option for your travels in Europe. Saving you hours researching in front of the computer. With these benefits, GoEuro might be the perfect traveling companion for a lot of readers.

It's a free download from the Play Store, and once users have the GoEuro app downloaded onto their device, they'll be asked to sign up for a GoEuro account. But do note that you have the option to search and book without one too.

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Some of you might be familiar with the GoEuro website, but this Android app is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Giving users a handful of different options in order to get started. First of all, users will need to enter a start destination and an end destination. The app will work with the GPS on your device, but you can also simply search for Train Stations, Airports and everything else using their short codes or their full names.

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From here, users will need to choose their departure as well as their return dates. There isn't an option to choose a specific time for departure, which might put some people off, but GoEuro will present all the different options to you once you've ran your search.


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For testing purposes, I decided to plan a trip from where I live in the UK to Rome, and I was given a number of different choices, all of them by Air.

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If we head over to the Coach or Train options, there's a cute little picture that lets me know there were no results matching my search. Which is just as well, because I chose my nearest Airport as my starting point. This is just one way that GoEuro is nice and flexible, as you can pretty much search for whatever you want, and as long as you know where you're leaving and where you want to go, you can always get some good results.

GoEuro Trains

If you want to get a closer detail of your planned out trip, you can do so from within the GoEuro app, and each leg of your trip is neatly laid out for you.


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Some extra detail would be nice for things such as "Public Transportation", but as getting trips planned out as well as an idea of how much it'll cost you to get somewhere, GoEuro is a great little Android app. The newer versions of GoEuro now has the option to securely store your payment information.

GoEuro Payment


This is the sort of feature that will be helpful for those that are traveling frequently throughout Europe, as it does speed things up, and will be a welcome addition to those that the continent and well and just want to get to where they need to be.

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For holidaymakers and those looking to do some research on how much things will cost and travel times, GoEuro is a great app for this. Users can go ahead and search for whatever they need to research and then easily share it with friends from within the app.


Planning a trip can be one of the most time consuming things we do online these days, and while GoEuro might not be the best for those looking for an entire package, it's great for those looking to do things on their own. The desktop version of GoEuro, accessible from any web browser, does feature package deals, however. For those that know where they need to be and how they want to get there, GoEuro is a simple and easy-to-use app that takes a lot of the hassle out of the equation. Being able to search across 33,000 different locations all over Europe, GoEuro does what few other Android apps do; takes the stress out of researching and booking a trip. I've never been to Rome for instance, so I have no idea how much it costs, within a minute of using GoEuro I could figure out – roughly – how much it would cost me to get there and I can then share this with my fiancée or whoever else. Booking these tickets is also super-easy and there are no hoops to jump through here either, it all just works and it just lets travelers get on with what they want to do; see the world and enjoy themselves.


  • Speed (4/5) – GoEuro is a quick and speedy app that takes just seconds to run a search, and within a minute or two users can have their latest trip all planned out in no time.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall interface here works well and GoEuro looks good overall. It's straightforward and blends in well with Android.
  • Features (5/5) – There are few apps out there on Android that offer this sort of power and do so in such an easy-to-use package. Within seconds users can book their ideal trip from wherever they want to go and see the upfront price there and then.
  • Overall (4/5) – While this doesn't offer users to chain different holidays or trips together, and it doesn't give users a way to see package deals for holidays, GoEuro is a great way to plan a trip, and it does so in no time at all.


  • Works well for those knowing where they want to go and how they want to get there.
  • Gives users a quick and simple way to plan an A-to-B trip with a return in a matter of seconds.
  • Now offers users the ability to securely store their payment information to make ordering a train ticket or booking a flight even quicker, even on the move.
  • Opens up the many doors of Europe up to those that are looking to see the continent but just want to make arranging travel as quick and easy as possible.


  • Doesn't allow users to plan trips dotting around the continent, as it only does A-to-B and back again trips.
  • Might not be the cheapest way for some to plan a holiday, as package deals will often be cheaper.

Even though GoEuro might not be the best way to plan a holiday, thanks to sneaky package deals from travel agents, it makes getting across Europe a real breeze. It looks good, works well, and doesn't ask too much of the user, either. With the ability to securely store payment information and book train tickets, flights or coach rides across 30,000+ destinations in Europe, this is the sort of app that travelers will find invaluable and should certainly give a try.

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