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DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is an Android app that has been around for years now, and has racked up almost 500 Million downloads in the Google Play Store with a rating of five stars and above. It's a one-stop shop for all of your device boosting needs, and offers users all kinds of tools to speed up their Android devices. This includes a one-tap boost that closes running apps, an app manager to remove unwanted apps quickly as well as a dedicated game booster, a network speed booster and even security features, too. Updated once again with some interface tweaks as well as some changes under-the-hood to improve performance. So, let's see whether or not DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is just as good as people remember it, shall we?

As with other Android apps, and previous versions of DU Speed Booster & Cleaner, users just need to download the app from the Play Store, for free. It's free-to-use thanks to some included ads and promotions.



Users might want to check that they're not enrolled into the DU Speed Booster & Cleaner's User Experience program, as there's no telling just what data this shares with the developer, and it is, sadly, ticked by default. With that out of the way however, users will see DU Speed Booster & Cleaner getting to work right away, scanning their device to speed it up.


At the end of this boosting, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner will give users a quick report of sorts on what has happened to their device, and how much – roughly – of a boost their device has gotten.



While this will seem pretty great to a lot of users, the whole "forbid auto-start apps" message got me a little concerned. A lot of the apps that we use like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and backup apps all need to run in the background and start when the phone does. This might not be a problem for some more casual users out there, but it would have been nice to be given a choice in what is and isn't shut down. Of course, this part of the app is designed to be nice and speedy at the end of the day.



To keep the app free, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner features some ads, like the one shown above. These aren't too bad, and it's certainly a better showing where ads are concerned than most other apps, that's for sure. Other features available in DU Speed Booster & Cleaner include the Game Booster. This is pretty self-explanatory for the most part, and will deliver some improved performance for players looking to get the most out of their devices.


For gamers, this is a pretty big feature of DU Speed Booster & Cleaner and will no doubt please those that spend more time than they ought to playing games on their smartphones. Either way, this is a great addition, and while we all know that games can take up a lot of space on your device, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner has an answer for that with its included app manager.



This is one of my favorite features of the app, as it makes it easy for users to decide for themselves whether or not they want individual apps and then uninstall these apps en mass. In fact, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner now even promises to allow System Apps to be uninstalled, too.



In practice however – and this might be specific to the Galaxy S7 Edge I'm using – all this part of the app does is take you to the system app's listing in your settings app. I was a little bit disappointed by this, but it has always been difficult on Android to uninstall system apps.


Connection speed is also something that a lot of people rely on when it comes to a smooth overall experience on Android. With DU Speed Booster & Cleaner users can get a look at how good their network performance is from within the same app.



On top of this, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner even gives users an option to boost their overall network speed, something that you won't see elsewhere. In practice however, this just kills running apps that appear to be using your network connection. Which should at least speed things up for a little while.

This isn't the first time that I've given DU Speed Booster & Cleaner a onceover, and while the app continues to be useful for users that don't really know too much about how Android works, and don't want to know, it might not be the best option for power users that know what they're doing a little more. With a simple one-tap boost option, as well as a game booster, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is something that will appeal to casual users as well as gamers, as it's quick to get to work and genuinely delivers what people are looking for from the app. Being able to speed up your device in little to no time at all is great, and for those that genuinely want something like this then DU Speed Booster & Cleaner will be just the ticket. It can however, get in the way a little bit with the persistent notification (which can be disabled) as well as security alerts that seem more like ploys to get users to the open the app more than a genuine concern. Even so, the app does deliver on the majority of its promises, and will please those looking for something simple, rather than something overly-complicated they'd rather not use.



  • Speed (4/5) – DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is quick to launch and to get down to business, speeding up your device in little to no time at all.
  • Theme (4/5) – The unique look and feel of DU Speed Booster & Cleaner will appeal to a younger audience, and it's simple to use. It feels like something built for today's smartphones, and the theme is consistent throughout all parts of the app, too.
  • Features (4/5) – With a quick and easy one-tap boost feature, as well as more in-depth options for those users that know what they're doing a little more, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner has a wide range of features on offer, but this can be said about other apps out there as well. Even so, this ticks a lot of the right boxes.
  • Overall (4/5) – For casual users and those that just want their device to run quicker, without asking questions, this is the sort of app that will work nicely, and it does so without troubling the user with technical terms or anything like that, which makes DU Speed Booster & Cleaner a friendly app well worth downloading and taking a look at.


  • Offers everything from a quick one-tap boost to something more in-depth for users looking to give their device a clean up.
  • Doesn't ask much of its users, making this a great app for casual users that just want to see results, rather than mess around with all the small details.
  • Works well for users that enjoy playing games on their devices, and want a little extra oomph before they play them as it has a built-in Game Booster.
  • Even has some interesting security features built-in that will help users keep on top of what their device is doing, as well as make sure that their phone doesn't do anything without them knowing about it.


  • Persistent notification – despite being able to be turned off – will put off some users, as will the security notifications that appear from time-to-time.
  • Advertises that system apps can be uninstalled, but in reality can't deliver on that promise, at least in my testing.

All-in-all, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is an app that will please a lot of casual users out there, it doesn't have any wider a range of features than other similar apps do in the Play Store, but for the most part, it ticks all of the right boxes. Completely free to download and use, this is an app that's well worth taking a look at, regardless of what you want to do with it in the long run.

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