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AUTOsist is an Android app that wants to give car owners and drivers the best way to take care of their car and keep a record of it, 21st Century style. With AUTOsist, users can fill up a garage with their vehicles, name them whatever they want and then add fuel receipts, garage receipts for repairs and services, track the price of gas, get reminded of upcoming services and a whole lot more. Not only is keeping on top of all this information good for budgeting purposes, but it's also a great way to keep the value of your cars as high as possible. AUTOsist makes it super-easy to transfer all the years of receipts and mileage reports from the app over to someone else, and we all know someone is more likely to pay full asking price if they know the car has been taken care of. So, let's take a closer look under-the-hood of AUTOsist and what it has to offer.

Just like other Android apps, users can download AUTOsist from the Play Store for free. While there are no ads included here, there are in-app purchases to allow for more than one vehicle and more than 1,000 records. Those users with one car and less than 1,000 records can use the app for free.

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AUTOsist opens up to new users with an introduction of what AUTOsist is all about and what it can offer users. Including the possibility that AUTOsist can help keep the price of your vehicle where it should be.

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As AUTOsist is the sort of app that stores data online, in the Cloud, users will need to sign up for an account, but they can easily go ahead and choose to sign in with their Facebook account.


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AUTOsist requires users to add a car to their garage, and as we can see from the below empty form, there are lots of different options for users to fill in, including a nickname. This gives the app personal to it and for those with more than car in the app, it gives them the option to name one car "Work" and another "Home" or something similar.

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With AUTOsist, it's easy to keep track of some of the most common expenses that car owners face, such as gas. In AUTOsist, every pane of the app has a separate layout and design to make it easy when inputting different information.

AUTOsists fill up

Here, we can see that users input the amount of fuel as well as the price per gallon. Over the years, this can be a good way of tracking how much the car has cost you in fuel alone, as well as see how much changing service stations could cost you over the course of a year. Included here is mileage and users can easily keep a tabs on the overall mileage of each particular car and there are reminders for services and such, which is great for those that want to take care of their car.


AUTOsist reminders

Taking care of a car also includes having to spend money on it, which means repairs and other such services. With AUTOsist, users can take a picture of the receipt, as well as input a short description of everything that has been done to the car, allowing users to compare prices from a previous year, as well as build up a service history for the 21st Century.

AUTOsist receipt view


AUTOsist then keeps a record of all these receipts, and it's super-easy for anyone to go ahead and look back through their history of repairs and other costs spent on their vehicles.

AUTosist cloud view

With all of this vital information stored in the AUTOsist cloud, drivers can be assured that things have moved on from the log book era, and it's a hell of a lot easier to get access to all this information, there's even a simple search bar and a web portal for those looking to use a computer when budgeting or whatever.


AUTOsist report transfer

Now, what happens if you want to sell your car, and present all of this information to the prospective buyer? Well, users can of course show off their history on their device, but it can also be sent to someone via email, and the buyer doesn't even have to have the AUTOsist app to get access to this info.

AUTOsist report view


This is something that a lot of users will certainly appreciate, and the reports are generated to look good, with the information easily-digestible for those that might not have ever used the app before. For those that want to do more with AUTOsist, there are options to pay for more entries and the ability to use more than one car.

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Users can also take a look at their AUTOsist garage using the web portal from any computer or web browser.

AUTOsist web

Spending time with AUTOsist I was quickly enamored with how useful the overall package can be for those with a car or two. Being able to deal with all your gas receipts, your mileage, as well as all repair bills and such is a very empowering thing, and it can help people take better care of their cars as well as their budgets. The interface is nice and clean and everything is nice and easy to use as well, making this an app that practically anyone with an Android smartphone will be able to use. While the in-app purchases might not be considered cheap, they're now one-off payments which offers a lot of value, and for those running business or running a family's cars, those prices will be more than worth it overall. Keeping on top of a budget is important, and that means making sure you're getting the most out of your regular fill ups as well as getting a good deal on any repairs that you have to do. It's not easy keeping on top of things, especially if you have a long commute to work or rely on your car for your job. This is why AUTOsist is the sort of app that a lot of drivers and/or businesses will find invaluable.


  • Speed (4/5) – AUTOsist is quick to get up and running and adding in new receipts and mileage is really easy to do no matter where you are.
  • Theme (4/5) – It might not be the best-looking app out there, but the interface at play here works well, is easy-to-follow and blends in with Android while maintaining its own look and feel.
  • Features (5/5) – There are many apps out there that offer a similar feature set to AUTOsist, but its polish and online offerings put AUTOsist ahead of the pack.
  • Overall (4/5) – It's the sort of app that needs to be used for quite some time in order to reap the benefits, but the longer you use AUTOsist for, the more money and headaches it can save you in the long run.


  • Helps to keep all of your service history accessible at a moment's notice, and also helps to keep your car something that buyers will see added value in.
  • Allows users to keep their receipts and tickets with pictures as well as their own commentary.
  • Reminds users of when and how often to go for a service thanks to the tracking of your overall mileage.
  • Users that use AUTOsist to track the spending of just one car can do so for free, with affordable options for those looking to do more with the app.


  • Consolidated portal for business users would be nice to see included.
  • Some might consider the in-app purchases a little expensive if they just want to keep using it for only one car, but they are one-off payments.

At the end of the day, AUTOsist is an app that might only appeal to car enthusiasts and those running a company car to turn in receipts, but that needn't be the case. It's easy enough to use that anyone will be able to get to grips with the app and it will certainly please those that are looking to keep on top of their costs and make sure they don't lose too much money on their original investment. In fact, the more people that start to use AUTOsist, the better the second-hand car market might become for the rest of us.

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