Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Recall Now Open in the UK


In what has to be one of the biggest product recalls in the smartphone world, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall has kicked into a higher gear all over the world as of late. We should all know the story by now, but if you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, Samsung has had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 due to overheating batteries that have been exploded and harming people and property alike since they went on sale. Across the pond in the UK, the Galaxy Note 7 hadn't even gone on sale officially at the time of the recall from Samsung, but just to be safe, they have now officially opened a recall program in the UK for the Galaxy Note 7, too.

Those across the pond with a Galaxy Note 7 are likely in one of two camps; they either got the device early thanks to a pre-order offer or they've imported it from elsewhere in Europe. The former will now be able to go through the official process with Samsung in order to get their new device some time shortly after, but those in the latter camp are a little less lucky. If you had imported your Galaxy Note 7 from somewhere else in Europe, you might not be able to get your Galaxy Note 7 replaced as part of this recall program in the UK. Samsung now has a live website for UK residents that has all the relevant info for an exchange, which lists the contact details for Samsung themselves, Carphone Warehouse as well as the four major UK networks as well. It should be noted that the Galaxy Note 7's tendency to catch fire and possibly explode is nothing to be trifled with. Samsung is trying their best to get people to turn in their devices, and it's something that owners should definitely do if they haven't done already to ensure no risk to themselves or others.

As for when the Galaxy Note 7 will go back on sale in the UK, it's unlikely to be before October. Samsung themselves has apologized to those that have pre-ordered the device and not received it, but Carphone Warehouse is rumored to have stock in starting October 21st. This new stock should be safe and free of the rare anode-to-cathode defect that was present in some Samsung SDI batteries used in the production of the Galaxy Note 7.

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