Samsung Tablet Causes A Delta Flight To Be Diverted

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 AH 02

Many major airlines around the world have recommended Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to keep their device turned off and to avoid charging it on all flights, to ensure that the device will not explode during the flight. While no Galaxy Note 7 units have exploded on any flights yet, reports have emerged that a Samsung tablet started emitting smoke on a flight, and this forced the aircraft to divert from its destination.

Delta Flight 138 from Detroit to Amsterdam was diverted to Manchester in England for two hours, after smoke and an unknown smell started to emit from a passengers seat. According to ABC News, Delta officials and a US official have told the news outlet that the Samsung tablet fell inside the seat during the flight and became jammed after the seat was either reclined or put into the upright position. After some time, the seat started to emit smoke and passengers on board the aircraft could smell a strange odor. The flight was then diverted to Manchester where the affected seat was replaced with a new one and after being grounded for two hours, the aircraft continued with its journey to Amsterdam, where it landed at 5:11 Eastern time on Sunday morning. At the moment, the US Federal Aviation Administration, or better known as the FAA, is investigating the incident. Samsung also issued a statement on Monday, saying that the incident is not related in any way to the Galaxy Note 7 and it is most likely due to external factors which caused the smoke and strange odor to be emitted from the device. The South Korean company has also reached out to Delta airlines to investigate the incident as the cause is yet to be determined by either side.

In another incident, an Indian airline has reported that a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was found to be belching smoke and sparks on a flight from Singapore to Southern India. IndiGO, the airlines which reported the incident, stated that the device was found in a passengers bag in an overhead compartment. The device was then removed and placed in water, with the flight continuing to its destination. Samsung has said that it is aware of the incident involving its 2012 flagship phablet.