Samsung Sued Over Alleged Galaxy S7 Edge Explosion & Injury

Over the last few days the media has been preoccupied with the Galaxy Note 7. Not just because it is the newest smartphone to come from Samsung, but also because the smartphone is suspected of having some serious issues with its battery. While the issues are not thought to be present on all the Galaxy Note 7s that have been sold so far, if the reports are correct, it does seem to be present on enough to warrant Samsung issuing a recall on the device. One which now looks to be taking on a much greater official capacity within the US, thanks to a recent statement from the U.S. Safety Commission advising Galaxy Note 7 owners to stop using the smartphone altogether.

Interestingly, this week has seen a case brought against Samsung for an exploding phone. However, on this occasion it was not the Galaxy Note 7. Instead, it is the Galaxy S7 Edge. According to the court papers which are dated September 8 by the Superior Court of New Jersey, a Galaxy S7 Edge exploded in an owner's pocket and caused some substantial injuries to the owner, namely second and third degree burns. In fact the papers go into quite a lot of detail on this and note the phone in question was a black Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge which was purchased from a Best Buy store in California on March 11. The exploding incident is said to have then happened on May 30. The owner, Daniel Ramirez, was said to have been at work with the smartphone in his front right trouser pocket. Shortly after arriving at work, the phone was noted making unusual sounds and vibrations before it then “exploded and caught fire” while still in his pocket.

Also interestingly, while there has not been anywhere near the media attention of any issues like this on the Galaxy S7 Edge (compared to the Galaxy Note 7), the current issues with the Galaxy Note 7 is not only referenced, but actually used as part of the argument put forward for why Samsung is liable on this occasion. Those interested in finding out more about this particular case can head through the source link below to read the court papers in full. They also do include some images of the alleged damage caused by the Galaxy S7 Edge, so be warned - some are a little on the graphic side.

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