Samsung Smart Switch Now Includes Windows Phone 8.1

Samsung makes some of the most feature-packed and popular smartphones on the market. But many of today’s smartphone consumers are so tied into their device of choice that switching to something else, no matter how appealing, presents too much of a burden to be worthwhile. Samsung understands this, which is why they created their Smart Switch app. The app, when installed on a new Samsung device, is designed to migrate a user’s data from their old device to their new one with minimal effort. Until now, it has worked with other Android devices, as well as iOS and Blackberry devices. Now, those switching from Windows Phone 8.1 can also experience the same easy transition.

Depending which device you are switching from, there are a variety of options that can be used to perform the transfer. Those coming from another Android device may not even need the app, as Android will transfer most user data natively. However, Smart Switch may provide a more complete solution, as it includes data not included in Android’s built-in sync feature, such as memos and call logs. Android users need to simply download and run the Smart Switch app on both devices while they are near each other and follow the on-screen prompts. Those coming from iOS devices can transfer either by connecting the two devices to each other with a USB cable or by importing from an iCloud or iTunes account. The USB connection may make the process faster in cases where wireless speeds are limited. As part of the recent update to the app, documents created in iWork will also be imported to the new device. The methods used when switching from each mobile operating system will vary, but Samsung has designed the app to make the process as straightforward as possible, and now includes support for all major mobile platforms. Users switching to a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, or Galaxy Note 7 don’t need to download the app – it is already included on these devices. For other Galaxy models, check out the link below to get Samsung’s Smart Switch app. To switch to a Samsung device that isn’t supported by Smart Switch, head over to their website and download the Kies application .

With today’s mobile operating systems, users often find themselves so locked into apps and services that switching can be difficult and overwhelming, so device manufacturers need to take additional steps to break down those barriers and gain new customers. Samsung is not the only company to try to make the switching process easier to encourage customers to try their devices. Last year, Apple released its first Android app, called Move to iOS, which is designed to simplify the transition from an Android device to an iOS device. Having fewer obstacles when moving from one device to another, in either case, is great for consumers, because it means that they always have choices, and never have to stay with one platform just because it’s too much of a hassle to switch to another.

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