Samsung Responds To The FAA, Will Expedite Shipments


When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released just over a month ago, it became an instant success, with the company having to ramp up production just so it could meet the demand for possibly one of the best flagships of the year. While things seemed pretty solid for Samsung with the release of the Galaxy Note 7, it all went downhill when numerous reports from all over the world emerged that there were units which exploded while being charged. This prompted Samsung to launch an official investigation which then lead to a massive recall of all affected units which number in the millions from all over the world. Samsung went on to put the blame on the phablet's battery.

With the danger the exploding Galaxy Note 7 poses to people and property, the US Federal Aviation Administration, or better known as the FAA issued a statement to advise passengers to avoid turning on or charging their Galaxy Note 7's on all flights. The FAA went on to state that passengers should not stow the Galaxy Note 7 in checked-in luggage, due to concerns that the device may catch on fire or explode during flights. Now, Samsung has issued a response to the statement by the FAA. In the response, the company says that it is aware of the FAA's advise and it will be expediting new shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 starting from this week. This is to alleviate any safety concerns and to reduce any inconvenience towards its customers. As it is, there have been reports that retailers such as Best Buy have already started to receive new Galaxy Note 7 units.

Before the FAA issued their advice, three of Australia's biggest airlines decided to issue a ban of the usage and charging of the Galaxy Note 7 on its flights. though in Australia's case, it's more of an outright ban to use or charge Galaxy Note 7 units, rather than just an advice. Well, if you are a Galaxy Note 7 user in the US or in any other affected market, it is best you contact your local Samsung service center or retailer/carrier and get a replacement unit in order to avoid any explosions or mishaps regarding the Galaxy Note 7 in the future.

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